You Know How To Take It Off

I went to the Doctor’s today and it was the first time in months I’ve stepped foot on a scale.

Within the last two weeks or so I’ve started getting back on track with running and cleaner eating. Within the last week my eating has been clean again. True Story: I contemplated going back to Weight Watchers. I thought about trying Atkins. I pondered Paleo. I ultimately decided to just track with my FitBit. For no other reason than awareness and accountability. I have found in the last two weeks tracking with my FitBit and eating intuitively that I’m eating about 1500-1800 calories a day depending on how active I am. I am okay with that.

I won’t lie – the past few months have been hard. Ever since I lost the baby I really haven’t had the same motivation and drive that I once had. In fact, real talk time – I kinda had this mentality:


My diet for the last 3 months hasn’t been exactly…clean, should I say. A lot of booze and nachos. Too much booze and nachos, and not enough listening to my body. I heard my body yelling at me that I’d had enough to eat or I was full, but I kept going. I still felt betrayed by my body. I was angry with my body. And you know what fixes that? Shots of Fireball. And nachos. In excess. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, parties, Playoffs and the Super Bowl, every weekend ended with “On Monday.” and then Monday ended with “Next Monday.”

Back on January 7th, Kimberly M. Ringer commented with “Please don’t be scared of gaining weight. You know how to take it off…” in response to this post. It’s one of those comments that has stuck with me. “You know how to take it off.” I do know how to take it off! So I will.

Oh, so what was that number on the scale at the Doctor’s today? It doesn’t matter – like Kim said, “You know how to take it off.” I started taking it off 2 weeks ago without the help of a scale, and I will continue to do so. I am more than a number and I will not forget that.

14 thoughts on “You Know How To Take It Off

  1. It’s funny the things that stick with you and leave an impression, right? You have no idea how often I’ve said that to myself the last three months. It never clicked with me until you said that and since then I’ve thought, “OMG – I *do* know how to take it off.” LOL – So, Thank you. ❤

  2. Good luck! I know that I know how to take the weight off and keep telling myself that I’ve done it before and can do it again, but it’s just not happening. I don’t know how to motivate myself, which is so frustrating. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them x

  3. Tamsyn, my biggest motivation is that I just feel better when I eat clean and work out. Having a healthy pregnancy in the future is a MAJOR motivator for me. That and honestly, everyone here at SoMuchFattitude that supports me. All of the likes and comments and emails.

  4. I am struggling with reminding myself that I do know how to take it off. I guess I’m scared because I lost it then regained it in a (particularly bad) year following reaching my goal. I know how to lose but I’m afraid it’ll work and I can’t maintain or it won’t work the way it did the first time.

  5. Michelle, don’t be scared. I know that’s easier said than done, but embrace the changes you’ve made. Embrace that you have taken it off. Fall down 7 times – get up 8. I’m in your corner.<3

  6. Thanks! I’m trying (slowly) to make better choices. And to start blogging again to keep me accountable. Thinking about things helps, like you say with the intuitive eating. I’m glad to know I’ve got someone on my side. You know I’m cheering for you here too.

  7. I remember when we debated the relative merits of the Fitbit v. the ActiveLink on the WW board at 3FC (I’m Koshka there). I still love, love, love the Fitbit. Although I’m still a WW member (love the accountability of the meetings and weigh in) what I really focus on is having a certain calorie deficit on my Fitbit. I don’t really care that much how much I eat each day if I have the calorie deficit. I know that if I have that deficit then I’ll lose.

  8. Definitely! I still think I’d prefer the ActiveLink while on WW vs. the FitBit, but since I’ve dropped WW the FitBit seems like a better fit. I will admit though, it’s pretty addictive! lol

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