TTC Timeline

A friend of mine asked about TTC and I sent her this timeline. I thought other’s might like it, too.
2010 – Get serious about my weight loss simply because I want to have a healthy pregnancy some day.
Nov 2011 – Get married.
Aug 2013 – I had now lost 127lbs, had IUD removed and was told it’d probably take 6 months to get pregnant, which was perfect. We wanted to start trying in 2014.
Aug 2013 – pregnant. Never even had period after IUD came out.
Oct 2013 – discovered I had a missed miscarriage at 10w4d 4 days before I turned 30. (We found out all growth stopped at 6 weeks)
Sept 2014 – started fertility testing – husband included. Was informed there are no fertility problems and it just takes some people longer. I ovulate like clockwork. My OB had me start taking Clomid (fertility drug) to give me Super Eggs.
Oct 2014 – Have insane mood swings from Clomid. I ultimately ended up switching to Femara which was way better.
Oct 2014 – OB added Trigger Shots (it forces a timed ovulation) to the fertility drug mix.
Nov 2014 – start Operation Stop Stressing and Make a Baby (vacation immediately post trigger shot). SUCCESS!
Dec 2014 – Miscarry naturally at 5 weeks. See a Reproductive Endocrinologist at Emory and have more extensive testing done on me. Everything is fine.
Jan 2015 – decide to take some time off from trying. To be perfectly honest, it was ruining me and really hurting our marriage. Sex/intimacy becomes terrible when everything is like, “Hey – it’s time. LET’S GO! No, not in 5 minutes. I don’t care if you’re not in the mood – IT’S TIME!!!” lol Kevin and I did a lot of soul searching and discussed the possibility of a child-free life. We have a wonderful family and spend tons of time with our nephews and niece. So, we decided to stop the fertility drugs (after all, we didn’t technically need them since nothing was wrong), stop temping, stop timed intercourse, stop being a nutjob. I did start training for a half marathon.
Feb 2015 – get my life back together, continue training, start to take the weight back off. (I’d managed to eat back about 50lbs from emotional eating.)
Mar 2015 – find out we’re pregnant the morning of the half marathon (still ran it)!
Also, this is why I share my story.

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