Posted in April 2013

Screw Running

As I ran my 5 miles yesterday I thought about how much I hate running, I thought about how much I hate people that love running, I thought about how stupid running is, I yelled at every other runner I saw in my head…you get the drift. I hate running. I absolutely hate running. I … Continue reading

Nothing Pretty

The past week hasn’t had anything pretty in it ranging from the scale, to my training to the Boston Marathon. This past week was a nightmare for training and by nightmare I mean I didn’t train. I had a friend fly in from out of town and I used that as an excuse not to … Continue reading

A stress eating control freak….

I’m a type A personality.  When I email someone I expect a response within an hour if it’s in work hours. If I text someone don’t let me see the time stamp of when you read it and then the three little bubbles and then you never said anything.  I hate wishy washiness and I … Continue reading

Baking Bunny Butts

I’m a sucker for alliteration. No lie. Easter came and went, but if there is an excuse for me to bake, – you betta believe I’m on it. I did a 4 layer vanilla cake with alternating pink and purple layers. The frosting is a butter cream and the grass/flowers are a marshmallow fondant I … Continue reading


My official weigh in at WW on Saturday morning was 211.00. That is 35% of my highest weight lost forever. 35% – that is insane.   My first goal is to hit 199 (obviously) but I am ultimately looking to reach 175lbs as my goal weight and then focus on muscle/lifting/toning. I know for a … Continue reading