My official weigh in at WW on Saturday morning was 211.00. That is 35% of my highest weight lost forever. 35% – that is insane.


My first goal is to hit 199 (obviously) but I am ultimately looking to reach 175lbs as my goal weight and then focus on muscle/lifting/toning. I know for a fact that I never plan on weighing less than 150lbs. I compete in the Athena division for the triathlons and I’d like to be an all muscle 150lbs, not a chubby 150lbs.


So, I’ve lost 35% of who I once was and I’m 36 pounds from being who I want to be.

8 thoughts on “35%

  1. That’s awesome !!!! I woke up this morning and thought about quitting ww it’s just not working,but I know I could be doing more to make it work. Just when I start to lack motivation and want to give up your post comes through and makes me want to keep going forward. Thank you and awesome job

  2. Bridget – don’t lose hope. The plan works if you stick to the plan. Our bodies are a very fickle thing. Had I quit every time I wanted to I’d have never come this far.I gain weight very easily (ie. I gained 12 pounds on our honeymoon in ONE week!) I look at it this way – time, days, weeks, months and years will happen whether I create a healthier lifestyle or not. So, I might as well do the thing that’ll give me a longer life. ❤ hang in there, beautiful!

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