Posted in March 2013

Organic Vitamins

I’ve been exhausted lately, so in order to bump up my energy levels (considering my training will only get longer and more intense) I’ve also bumped up my vitamins. I was only taking a daily multi vitamin. So, Sunday I went to Target and did some research on my phone while I browsed vitamins. With … Continue reading


Anyone that does triathlons will tell you, we like to talk about them. We can find a way to sneak triathlons into nearly every conversation. A question as simple as, “Hey, wanna see a movie this weekend?” can get a reply of, “Oh sorry – can’t. I’ve got to get a brick in this weekend. … Continue reading

42 Miler

Sometimes I think I’m crazy. Like I don’t even know who I am anymore. It’s really interesting when I rewind where I was even last year versus where I am now. I am not the same person. I can’t help but laugh at the differences. Last year my husband asked me to do a bike ride … Continue reading


And put on your “judgement free” hat before you continue reading this. Seriously, I just had the worst, pretentious, lunk moment. So, stop. I don’t want any of these judgy, pissed off faces reading – including your dog… (I also understand if you defriend me…I’m so sorry…) But seriously, none of this… I had just … Continue reading

Squat Challenge

Yesterday I started a squat challenge at approximately  7:30am and then went for a run at 3pm. I could already feel the squats in my thighs when I went for a run and suddenly, 2 miles in my entire right foot went numb and tingly. According to a Physical Therapist friend of mine and my … Continue reading

Training, Bashing and Cakes

Two weeks training and feeling good! Started week three this week and I’m looking forward to it.  I’ve been working on my swim and using a High Elbow Catch to improve my swim. Definitely different muscles, as my forearm was sore. Ha! It’s made a huge difference already in my time, so I’m quite excited. … Continue reading

Oh Body…

I lost 4lbs this past week! FOUR! The differences? I cut out high sugar fruit and Bourbon…and kept with my training. Saturday I drank Bourbon but still got up Sunday morning and rode my 10 miles! (Horrah for sticking to training despite a belly full of bourbon and 3 hours of sleep. FML.) Regardless, the scale … Continue reading


I get questions often and someone on 3FC posted this series. I thought I’d share my answers and I’m happy to field any other questions. I’ve made a “questions” page where I’ll post any and all questions I’ve gotten (ask anything you’d like.) Feel free to send your questions to: How much weight have … Continue reading

Good Problems

You know you’ve lost weight when… …your knee highs become thigh highs. What about you? The scale went in the right direction again this morning! I’m ecstatic! Perhaps the high sugar fruit really is an issue for me, despite not eating a ton of it. Crazy how something so small can effect you so much. I … Continue reading

Playing With My Food

I know, I know. Tsk tsk! But I am! I know WW is pro fruit and I would love to be pro fruit, but after looking at my tracker the ONLY thing I can possibly imagine contributing to the slow slow slow loss is the fruit/sugar content. So, this week I’ve cut out high sugar … Continue reading