42 Miler


Sometimes I think I’m crazy. Like I don’t even know who I am anymore. It’s really interesting when I rewind where I was even last year versus where I am now. I am not the same person. I can’t help but laugh at the differences. Last year my husband asked me to do a bike ride with him. He wanted to do the 48 miler and I wanted to do the 15 miler. He was excited that I was doing the ride and promised we could do the 15 miler. At the 15 mile mark I agreed to keep going and did 33 miles. It was brutal. Absolutely brutal. There were tears, embarrassing moments and many vulgarities.

Today, I asked to do the 42 miler…as part of my training…for a triathlon I’m doing the following weekend. Sometimes I really do think I’ve lost my mind.

4 thoughts on “42 Miler

  1. You certainly have what it takes! Good luck. If you need any more motivation, check out vivathlete.com We create articles just for triathletes like yourself!

  2. I know that feeling… five years ago, jogging around a small village hall as part of an exercise class warm up felt like hell, now I happily go out for 10 mile runs to chat with friends and have run a couple of marathons. The days when I don’t do any exercise are the ones when I get twitchy now!

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