Posted in January 2013

Go Go Big Girl – Whatchu Gonna Do?

I just want to take a moment and pat myself on the back, an E-high 5, a happy dance….   Kevin, Alicia and I went to our 60 minute ┬áspin class last night. There was a sub teacher and he only went 45 minutes – not the full hour. When he started cooling down at … Continue reading


It’s exhausting, this weekly game I play. Mon-Fri perfectly on plan. I do SO good. Sat-Sun I fall apart. My eating is better, but I drink. I’m social, I love bourbon and my friends are drinkers, too. This weekend may have been a touch better because I kept my eating under control, but still – … Continue reading

Oh hai Weight Watchers

Back on WW and I’m a happy woman. I forgot how easy WW is and how good I feel on it. I stopped in attempt to save money 2 years ago and thought I’d just “calorie count” on my own. Yeah – fail – didn’t work. I just stopped losing weight. Well, I lost 6.6 … Continue reading


I’ll admit it, I lost all motivation throughout the Holidays. I blame most of this on bourbon and a lack of exercise and baking – oh the baking… I mean seriously – I made that. I’m not a huge sweets person, but I taste as I cook and ffs – it adds up. That was … Continue reading