photo (42) I’ll admit it, I lost all motivation throughout the Holidays. I blame most of this on bourbon and a lack of exercise and baking – oh the baking… I mean seriously – I made that. I’m not a huge sweets person, but I taste as I cook and ffs – it adds up. That was just one of MANY Holidays desserts I made. I’m really enjoying this new found love of baking, I just need to figure it out sans tasting. I’m baking a cake this weekend for my SIL birthday. I shall try to practice my non tasting baking then. Key word: try…



Regardless,  I woke up yesterday, took a hard look in the mirror and decided my 2nd chin looked larger than normal so I stepped on the scale and yes, I immediately rejoined WW. IMMEDIATELY. 

Now, in reality, I only gained 8lbs over 6-8 weeks which isn’t terrible since I’m the girl that gained 12lbs on her week long honeymoon, but enough to refocus me. That was actually sort of refreshing to feel that focus again.  I read that the average person gains 15lbs over the Holidays. So, on that note I’ll take my 8lb gain!

Tri season is quickly approaching which means training, which means I actually do need to get my life together so I don’t die out there.


So, YAHTZEE! I’m back!

2 thoughts on “Yahtzee!

  1. Pants are so tight. You and me both girl. I start working out….tomorrow….or at least Monday I promisssssse.

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