Posted in January 2022

The aftermath

This time next week I’ll be in surgery. Tummothy’s great departure will have begun. And I am so in my head. The anxiety of the surgery has come and gone. The anxiety of recovery has come and gone. But now I’m in my head wondering, “Have I done enough?” Have I lost enough weight? It’s … Continue reading

What If

I have always battled anxiety and craved control. The lack of it is frustrating for me. I have had to learn to relinquish the need for control since having children. Some days better than other. My eldest has an autoimmune disease (PANS) that presents behaviorally, as well as physically. Unbeknownst to her, she has given … Continue reading

3.5 Years Later

3.5 Years Later

I always return to writing. It feels good. I’d be remiss if I told you I don’t have reservations about how raw and vulnerable I am at times, especially since my body is most of my content, but if I can make literally one person feel not so alone, I have accomplished my mission. In … Continue reading