It’s exhausting, this weekly game I play.

Mon-Fri perfectly on plan. I do SO good. Sat-Sun I fall apart. My eating is better, but I drink. I’m social, I love bourbon and my friends are drinkers, too.

This weekend may have been a touch better because I kept my eating under control, but still – I drink. It’s just exhausting.  My body is not forgiving when I screw up.

I have to find a balance. I have to find a middle ground. I have to figure this out.

This week? +0.2lbs.


I can’t go back to crazy, but this isn’t working either. Yes, I know it’s 0.2lbs. I know I lost 6.6lbs last week. I knew when I lost 6.6lbs it was incredibly possible that I gained this week. I know it’s probably not from this weekend because my eating was so clean. But still…that doesnt make me feel any better.


I’m just so tired of being fat. It’s exhausting.


/pity party

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