Go Go Big Girl – Whatchu Gonna Do?

I just want to take a moment and pat myself on the back, an E-high 5, a happy dance….


Kevin, Alicia and I went to our 60 minute  spin class last night. There was a sub teacher and he only went 45 minutes – not the full hour. When he started cooling down at the 45 minute mark with stretching I looked at my group and said, “Nope. Keep spinning. We are getting our 60 minutes in.”

The sub realized we weren’t stopping and asked why. I explained that it’s a 60 minute class and I wanted my full 60 minute burn. He told us LA Fitness told him it was a 45 minute class, but he ‘d  do another 15 with us if we wanted to stay. So! He hopped back on and about 90% of the class left, but I got my full 60 minutes in!


I committed to three days at the gym this week and I’ve met two of those three with plans for tomorrow! This feels good. This is what I need. I started the live in person WW  meetings on Monday and my dad is going to start doing WW too – so I’ll go twice a week: Saturday morning and Monday morning. I’m hoping this really helps my weekend drive to keep it together.

2 thoughts on “Go Go Big Girl – Whatchu Gonna Do?

  1. That is awesome!! That instructor must have loved you! Seriously…he was probably more than happy to do another 15 minutes with you! Nice one!

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