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The Return of Spin

I did it. I reactivated, got myself to spin, and Brooke to their Kid’s ‘s Club. It was a remarkably awful experience. For your user experience I will break this into two parts: daycare and spin. Part 1: Daycare. So, I get there and Brooke is out cold. Great. I’ll throw her in the Kid’s … Continue reading



I’m writing this over the course of a few days, maybe a week, maybe two weeks (it’s been two weeks now). I’m not sure yet. Fear is holding me back. Fear is immobilizing.  Fear is temporary; regret is permanent. I found spin 4 years ago. Ok. Correction. I tried a spin bike 4 years and … Continue reading

Who Do You Think You Are?

To Whom It May Concern, My intent behind this letter is not to gain anything free or really gain anything at all except perhaps a peace of mind.  I have been a faithful member with LA Fitness for over three years now and have had very few, if any complaints. Last night I attended my … Continue reading

Go Go Big Girl – Whatchu Gonna Do?

I just want to take a moment and pat myself on the back, an E-high 5, a happy dance….   Kevin, Alicia and I went to our 60 minute  spin class last night. There was a sub teacher and he only went 45 minutes – not the full hour. When he started cooling down at … Continue reading