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Emotional Pregnant Train Wreck Coming Your Way

Emotional Pregnant Train Wreck Coming Your Way

I believe I’m hitting the overly emotional part of my pregnancy. Example 1: Our 9 month old puppy is still struggling with potty training. That’s too damn old. We’ve started Puppy Boot Camp for him because I refuse to be damn 7 months pregnant trying to bend over to pick up dog shit in my … Continue reading

You Know How To Take It Off

You Know How To Take It Off

I went to the Doctor’s today and it was the first time in months I’ve stepped foot on a scale. Within the last two weeks or so I’ve started getting back on track with running and cleaner eating. Within the last week my eating has been clean again. True Story: I contemplated going back to … Continue reading

Moderation…or lack thereof.

Moderation…or lack thereof.

Moderation. I’m not a fan. I should be, but I’m not. One ounce of cheese? Why not 12? One triathlon? Why not 5? ALL. OR. NOTHING. I’ve been thinking a lot about this since a conversation I had last Thursday. Formulating my thoughts and figuring out how to word this post. I am a very … Continue reading

Get it together…

Dear Self, Thank you for actually getting your shit together yesterday. You’ve worked entirely too hard to just blow it now. xoxo and annoyed, Self   Y’all, moving was a whole lot harder on my diet/exercise than I expected. I mean a whole lot harder. I didn’t just abandon the wagon for 14 days, I … Continue reading

Enough of the sad crap…

Let me tell you about the hilarious trip to the vet though. Hilarious now, but I was a wreck when it happened. We have a little 6 year old black and white bellied cat named Oprah. She is the sweetest thing ever. In fact, she likes to cuddle so much and loves Kevin that she … Continue reading

Oh boy

…this ain’t gonna be pretty. Kevin was in the shower and I was putting on my favorite bathing suit ever. It was so big I couldn’t wear it and while that should have made me happy it didn’t. It had the fancy built in bra and everything. Well, not only was the body part huge … Continue reading

42 Miler

Sometimes I think I’m crazy. Like I don’t even know who I am anymore. It’s really interesting when I rewind where I was even last year versus where I am now. I am not the same person. I can’t help but laugh at the differences. Last year my husband asked me to do a bike ride … Continue reading

The Hashing Hulk

Have any of you heard of this glorious thing called hashing? Apparently it’s when you do races/run and incorporate drinking. On Saturday I partook in my first run that involved alcohol: the Atlanta Tap N Run. I ran, mostly walked and occasionally jogged this race with my husband and my best friend and we had a blast. There were … Continue reading

Whose Idea Was This?

Did I piss people off yesterday? You can leave nasty comments too. 🙂 I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy silence after an excruciating work out. It gives me time to process and take it all in. To be proud of myself, to reconnect. All of that hokey bullshit. I had just completed … Continue reading