The Hashing Hulk

Have any of you heard of this glorious thing called hashing? Apparently it’s when you do races/run and incorporate drinking. On Saturday I partook in my first run that involved alcohol: the Atlanta Tap N Run. I ran, mostly walked and occasionally jogged this race with my husband and my best friend and we had a blast. There were a ton of costumes and crazy people, but it was all and all, amazing. You get to put an alias on your bib, mine read “Danichan” (which is an affectionate nickname my husband calls me) and his says, “Diddy” well, because I call him Diddy/Daddy and my bff’s said “A Town Runs” because she’s clearly inappropriate. We plan on doing this again next year and maybe even doing some crazy costumes, too! Afterall, you get a kick ass shirt and even a bottle open medal for finishing. Speaking of the shirt – we picked our shirts up before the race. My husband holds up his Large and I think to myself, “That looks big. I’ll take a medium!” with a whole lot of temporary excitement. Hell, I used to wear a XXL – so a medium seems too far fetched. The longer I hold my size medium the more fleeting my excitement gets. I hold it up to myself and think, “Definitely won’t fit.” My bff and husband just put theirs on and run in it. Seems simple enough.  I, on the other hand was way too paranoid by this point and just knew that my medium wouldn’t fit. I suddenly had this vision that it’d be some horribly awkward moment where my arms were up in the air and I look like the incredible hulk, but chubby not muscular, my new shirt ripping and everyone is trying to pull it off of me and salvage what was left of it. Oh god, it was a horrible flashing moment. So, I just tied the shirt around my arm like a tourniquet (which you can see in the pictures) and saved myself the potential nightmare. After the race I sprinted to our car to try on my medium shirt – only allowing my husband to witness the potential embarrassment and assist me when I’m flailing my stuck arms around like an idiot, but by god – it fit. A medium fit…

3 thoughts on “The Hashing Hulk

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