Put The Fork Down

Oh Thanksgiving – what have you done to me? You’ve left me a bloated, hungover, over fed, and a full full mess. Kevin and I took the week off of work and had a “staycation” that involved copious drinking and eating. It was delightful.

I cook. I cook well. I cook healthy well and I cook unhealthy well. However, unfortunately, I have learned that I also bake well. This Thanksgiving I made all sorts of goodies and what kind of person doesn’t at least try their goodies to know if they should make them again or not? I started with a chocolate satin raspberry cake that took forever to make since I hand shaved all of the curls, made the batter from scratch, tempered the chocolate, made raspberry preserves from scratch, and every other tedious baking task possible, but it was out of this world.  Followed by a bourbon pumpkin cheesecake with a bourbon sour cream layer. Oh dear god – talk about rich and delicious and just – damn. Foodgasm. Not to mention, I effing LOVE bourbon. And last, but certainly not least, I made my dear dear husband his favorite in the world: homemade, from scratch crunch top apple pie with the flakiest homemade crust of life. I will say that my pie didn’t brown up as much as I wanted, but oh well.

I ate, and I ate well. I drank and I drank a lot. Life is about living not being miserable. I found comfort in this holiday knowing that I’d get back on track and still enjoyed myself. I found comfort knowing that my week of gluttony was just that – one week. Not forever. Not a lifestyle.

This week I’m back to the gym on a daily basis and I’ve even made a monthly menu for December full of healthy, but delicious recipes and ideas to try – starting last night. I made a lemon pepper shrimp scampi over a herbed orzo served with steamed garlic green beans and a mixed green salad with a lemon vinaigrette.

We did the whole black Friday thing with family and friends, as well. It was a blast. Kevin was even a trooper at 6am in Toys R Us. Black Friday was a total success and we got everything we went for and some. Except that mask. We did not get that mask. Unfortunately.

Oh – I did say I’d weigh in on Thanksgiving – 217. It could have been WAY worse and definitely better, but oh well. That’s life, right? I’m getting to a good place with food and life and working out and just being normal and healthy. I’m not going to panic over the scale.

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