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Who I Married

Who I Married

  Kevin and I were kids when we met. 19 and 21. I recall nervously twirling my straw paper at dinner and finding myself in disbelief that I landed myself such a hottie. We were total opposites at the time. I wore a black skirt, white shirt and a red fleece, sweater vest thing, and … Continue reading

Put The Fork Down

Oh Thanksgiving – what have you done to me? You’ve left me a bloated, hungover, over fed, and a¬†full full mess. Kevin and I took the week off of work and had a “staycation” that involved copious drinking and eating. It was delightful. I cook. I cook well. I cook healthy well and I cook … Continue reading

Life Lessons

After a weekend of eating and drinking and drinking and eating the strangest thing happened after not working out for 3 weeks. My body literally said to me, “Hey fatty – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – go to the gym.” And so I went. And I’ve continued to go. Every single day and even twice a … Continue reading

Whiskey and Cheddar Bay Biscuits

I’ve had an interestingly terrible day. This morning I decided to try out the spin bikes all by myself since there wasn’t a class going on. When I got on the bike I couldnt help but see the bike yellow sign on it that said MAXIMUM WEIGHT: 300lbs. My heart skipped a beat and I … Continue reading