Not Giving a Shit Has Worked Wonders For Me…

Until now. 216. Still 216. My husband says to not be hard on myself, I was sick for 3 days, my routine was off, etc. etc. I use to quit when I didn’t lose but this just infuriates me to the point of wanting it even more. I’d like to see 212 this coming Friday. Make up for those two pounds I didn’t lose this week, but 4lbs might a bit unrealistic. I’m 77 days out from my triathlon and 17 pounds away from my tri-goal weight.

In gym drama, I found out one of the girls I get ready with is cheating on her husband. Last September she found out that her husband has been sleeping with her co-worker/friend/neighbor (all 3 apparently) and she decided the best way to handle it was to cheat back. Apparently he found out yesterday. He asked her for her phone code to unlock it and she said, “You can have it but you’re not going to like what you find.” And how do you say “Ok. Nevermind. I don’t want it anymore.” at that point? You can’t. You don’t. You just grin and bare it.  So I ask her, “Do you feel satisifed now? Like you can forgive and forget and move on?” and she looks me square in the eye and says, “No. I’m filing for divorice now.” To which I respond,  “OH DAMN.” She made him think that everything was going to be okay, they’d move on and handle it together, waited 6 months for things to settle, cheated on him and now plans on leaving. BOOM. Wrap your head around that.

Me not losing weight this week, while also no gaining seems so insignificant against the mind fuck her husband is experiencing.

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