Get it together…

Dear Self,

Thank you for actually getting your shit together yesterday. You’ve worked entirely too hard to just blow it now.

xoxo and annoyed,


Y’all, moving was a whole lot harder on my diet/exercise than I expected. I mean a whole lot harder. I didn’t just abandon the wagon for 14 days, I got off, torched the damn thing and watched it burn to the ground. While frolicking in the ashes I did learn some valuable lessons:

  •  I really like Bourbon. Too much in fact. I like the taste of Bourbon. I like the smell of Bourbon. I like the feel of it in my belly. It definitely needs to go back to being a weekend/special occasion type of thing. Not just for weight loss reasons, but because I have an addictive personality and booze isn’t something I’d wish to take on.
  •  Eating is a slippery slope for me. I have eaten like crap for the most part the last two/three weeks. For realsies – cheese dip, bagels with cream cheese, rolls with butter, pizza, ice cream, ranch dressing, etc. I was a total glutton.
  •  I was a total glutton that felt like crap. I never realized how much food/exercise effected me. I haven’t been sleeping well, as in sleeping more than three or so hours a night since we moved in. The only thing that changed aside from the environment is my diet/lack of exercise. Yesterday I ran and worked in the yard and ate healthily and guess what? I slept a hell of a lot better last night.
  • After 12 or so days my body started craving healthier things: hard boiled eggs, salads, water, fish, vegetables, etc. and guess what? I was the fool that said, “Eh – that can wait! I’m getting back on the wagon come Monday.” While I did get back on the wagon yesterday I certainly did not respect myself or my body, which is disappointing – but excellent knowledge.
  • Running the Peachtree 10k on Thursday is going to suck. And by suck I mean I may actually die. I hadn’t run in three weeks and then I ran for 25 minutes yesterday and hated every minute of it. I hate to say it, but I am praying to the sweet lord baby Jesus that it gets stormed/rained out. Yes, I am a monster. But seriously, it’s a 80% storms/rain and I hate running, let alone running in the rain. Cancel that shit. 


The last time I weighed in (maybe a week ago) I was 207’something. YIKES! I’m trying to keep my nut-job tendencies in check and not weigh in until I go back to a WW meeting so I don’t get totally discouraged.

I believe my dad and I are going to start doing the 4:30pm meetings on Tuesdays in a week. I have mixed emotions on that simply because if the meeting is at 4:30 that means I’ve eaten all day and I’ll weigh heavier than I would first thing in the morning. I know that if I’m only weighing in once a week at the same time on the same day it won’t matter. It’s just the crazy in me coming out. Which is what I’m working on. 

8 thoughts on “Get it together…

  1. Hey there. Love the blog today. Dont give up. You have been doing great and are inspiring. Lay off the bourbon and dont push too hard to get running too soon. You dont have to get it all back in a day. You go girl!!!

  2. I can so relate to this. Just get back on — ok, buy a new — wagon a little quicker every time.

    And, bourbon is amazing. And so are bagels and cream cheese. You can’t be too hard on yourself there. 😛

    Don’t fret about the 10k. You may feel better when it rolls around. I get disappointed when I lose some fitness progress, but it comes back pleasantly surprisingly quickly.

    Best of luck! You rock!

  3. Walk it if you have to. No shame in that. You’re still lapping all the people sitting at home on their couches.
    Keep going girl. Do what works for you. There’s no prize other than your own health and well-being and only you can determine that.
    (Damn. that was almost philisophical of me, wasn’t it? Just call me Socrates.)

  4. Oh yes, I fully anticipate walking probably 99.99% of this. Besides, if you’re towards the end of the race people start passing out beers apparently. Last year I did not get to enjoy this. This year I will.

  5. I can totally related to falling off the wagon…and it being completely doused in flames. 🙂
    The important thing is getting back on again. Good luck!

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