The Storm is Over Now…

I feel like I can make it…the storm is over now.

I gained 4.8lbs in my 6 week hiatus. I am happy as a clam about it too. 100% okay with this. Additionally, my last official Weigh In at WW was in the morning before breakfast/any intake, in workout clothes and on a Friday (after eating clean for a week.) Yesterday was after I’d eaten breakfast, snack and lunch and 100oz of water, wearing my work clothes and on a Tuesday (after eating like crap for 6 weeks.)

starbucksptreeThe Peachtree came and went. Y’all there was so much potential for disaster there. I spent about 36 hours trying to talk everyone out of running it. Seriously. I came up with about 600 reasons why we should not participate. Kevin (husband) came up with about 600 reasons why we should. When I said there’d be rain he came home with very nice running rain jackets. He ultimately made me realize that the only reason I wouldn’t have done it would have been myself. I was the only thing in my way. So, I went to bed early – but then my insomnia kicked in and I didn’t fall asleep until 4am. The alarm came all too early at 6am. Needless to say, Kevin took me to Starbucks immediately.

2013PtreeGroupWe did the race with our friend Powers. Alicia gave her number away – which I partly blame myself for. Kevin has his fancy rain jacket on and mine is tied around my hips. It was hot as a mofo and it actually never rained (despite the sky). As you can see, I wore my triathlon shirt. I like other people to know I do triathlons. Remember?  Anyhow, Kevin stuck by my side and did the stupid thing with me. I wavered back and forth the entire morning until the race if I’d do it or meet them at the finish line. I really was my only excuse. My shoes were new and perfectly broken in – no blisters in sight. I had a rain jacket if the skies opened up. I had a husband that promised to stay by my side – no loneliness.
2013PtreeLegSo, I ran. I realized I always have a funky thumbs up thing going in pictures so I decided to just embrace it and own it and make it my thing. Now, if you look inside the big yellow circle very carefully you can actually see where I broke my tibia. It protrudes out. Wild, right? Kinda gross too. Kevin stopped around mile 2 to go to the bathroom. I told him I’d stay to the right, but keep going. I felt like I was holding him back during the run – which I clearly was considering he ran it 30 minutes faster than me last year. Anyhow, I used his bathroom break as a time for me to sprint. Ahahahhaha. I ran about a mile without him, as fast as I could…you know, to make him actually feel like he was running.


Awww – look at us finishing! And look at how matchy matchy and cute we are. We did not plan the matchy matchy, it just happened that way.  Well, long story short – I did the damn 10k and I shaved 5 minutes off of my personal best for a 10k.

Running the Peachtree 10k helped me rebuild the wagon. Going to a WW meeting yesterday helped me get back on it. The storm is over now…

4 thoughts on “The Storm is Over Now…

  1. I can so relate to getting in your own way/psyching yourself out about things! Awesome to hear you pushed through and did it. And Support Spouses are the unsung heroes, for real yo.

  2. You really do inspire me! I really want to start running. We do a Make A Wish 5k every year so this year I am going to try to jog part of it. Lots of hills so we shall see how I do.

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