Broken Bone Athlete

Yesterday was the day I once upon a time dreaded: my yearly physical. Ya’ll – it was awesome.

I was informed that I have the blood pressure of an athlete. WHAT?! Me? (dear body, catch up.) At first I was panicking because I thought something had to have been wrong for it to be that low but nope – negative – my doctor told me she was “thrilled.” To hear a Doctor tell me I have the blood pressure of an athlete was validation for all of my hard work.

fractured tibia Now – some of you may or may not remember this fall I had the first time I was clipped in 9 months ago. Well, it was nasty and I had terrible bruising and a lot of pain. In fact, I still have pain. My doctor informed me that I either fractured my tibia or chipped the bone. She could feel the bone calcification from the healing and said I also still have a “tremendous amount of swelling.” Her words were, “There was major trauma done.” I can’t help but feel even more proud that I got up after my fall and finished my 5 mile loop…with a broken bone.

We did the Sprint for Cancer 10k over the weekend and it went well…except for the terrible blisters on the pad of my right food that I got. My mom has been having lower back issues so we walked the entire 6.2 miles, but – while that would have upset me…the last 10k we did I jogged/walked and I only finished 1 minute earlier. Talk about training paying off! It was really good for my brain to see that I walked a 10k and was seconds away from beating my Personal Best when I was running.

I have been terrible about training and I need to finish strong since I have a 45 mile bike race/ride in 11 days and a triathlon in 18. Swimming 2 miles tonight…no excuses.

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