Health Screening BS

allthepapersIt’s the most wonderful time of the year. Our annual work health screening. /sarcasm

I hate doing this shit. It just genuinely rubs me the wrong way.  I happily get an annual flu shot. I know the importance behind it and have no desire to get the flu.

My issue is the whole “I’ve known you for all of three seconds, but let me tell you where you suck at being healthy” part of it. I know for some people this would be largely beneficial; however, I also feel like there should be an opt out option of receiving “health counseling” and I still get my insurance discount. I don’t care if you take my information, but no, I don’t need to talk to you about it. I don’t need you to tell me what I should do differently. I don’t need you to tell me what I need to eat, how much to lose, my BMI, or help me formulate goals.


My blood pressure is definitely higher than it used to be, but still good and normal. My cholesterol is all in the normal range, though personally, I’d like to see my good cholesterol get a little higher. Now that I’m training again, that should help fix that. My glucose is great. No issues with any diabetes looming. They wanted me to do the whole fat measurement thing where you hold the device and squeeze, but I refused. She said they don’t do it with women that are pregnant or people with pacemakers. I told her I’m trying to get pregnant, could be pregnant and am on fertility drugs so I’d be damned if I’m doing anything that might jeopardize it. My hip to waist ratio states that I’m at low risk for heart disease, stroke, etc.  So, all my numbers are fine. Nothing to be worried about. Totally normal, yet I still get the, “Hey, fat shit – lose weight and you’ll be a rockstar” speech.


Nurse: Let’s do this worksheet together so I can make sure you develop wellness goals to get you healthy.

Me: Will this effect my discount?

Nurse: No

Me: Then no thank you.

Nurse: What? Why not?

Me: Because I’ve lost over 100lbs, I’m training for a half marathon and I do Weight Watchers. I know my body, I know what works, and I have no interest in taking advice from someone that has known me for a total of 5 seconds with zero knowledge of me, my goals or my past. So, on that note, I’ll pass on your “health” counseling, but thank you.

–awkward silence–

Nurse: Ohhh…okay…wow… um… ok.

Me: Have a great day!


HealthassessmentI just can’t get behind a system that is basing my health off of my BMI/weight. Even my goal weight (175lbs) is still considered “overweight”. The whole system and view of “health” in general is beyond fucked up. I am perfectly healthy in every single category except my BMI/weight, yet I’m deemed “HIGH RISK”, a 59! WTF… Come on, folks, health is comprised of so much more than just what the scale says.

I base my state of health off of these factors:

  • My lifestyle choices.
  • My run times improving.
  • My endurance improvement.
  • I’m training for a half marathon, ffs.
  • My mostly clean eating habits (80/20).
  • I get about 7 hours of sleep a night.
  • I surround myself with the people I love and make my happy.

THOSE are the things that make me healthy, not my BMI/weight.

What about you?

11 thoughts on “Health Screening BS

  1. There are so many times that I’m grateful we have a National Health Service in the UK. English people just wouldn’t accept being asked to do something like this at work. My husband has private health insurance through his job and had to fill in a health questionnaire. He’s 5’8.5″ and weighs 128lbs, but was told that he needed to lose weight!!! That gives him a BMI of about 19/20 – how can he be overweight?! I’d love to weigh that little and I’m a lot shorter than he is. The other advice that he received was that he should eat more veg and drink less alcohol. I’m a vegetarian and I don’t drink alcohol, so almost all of the food he eats at home is healthy vegetarian food with loads of vegetables and we rarely go to the pub, so he probably drinks less than two pints a month. As you said, what gives someone the right to judge you if they don’t know you or your background. Well done for saying what you believe 🙂

  2. I opt out of the consultations whenever possible for this exact reason. You couldn’t have said it better and I hope that nurse gets it through her skull that you don’t have to be 135 and 6 foot to be healthy.

  3. Here in Australia that literally would not be allowed and would be classed as harrasment. Any kind of healthy checks that are offered are simply that – offered – it’s your choice. Mind blown.

  4. The BMI can be so inaccurate. It is too generic to use religiously – I understand doctors may need some guildline to work with BUT I am with you that it needs to be taken with background information. Even at my thinnest at 175, I was considered overweight by BMI standards but was basically all muscle at that point.

  5. That’s interesting. We get a discount on our health insurance for participating in a Wellness Fair. I *think* it ends up being about $240 a year off ($10 a pay period).

  6. BMI is such an ancient tool and doesn’t account for muscle or bone mass. It’s generic, meant for a one-size-fits all population which is non-existent. I so wouldn’t worry about what that says. And as I’m typing this, I see that someone shares my views on that as well. Let’s put it this way (and I have tons of discussions on FB about this with friends of all shapes and sizes) the point isn’t getting skinny, it’s getting healthy, and it sounds like you’ve been well on your way. Good for you. If that nurse doesn’t want to listen or even give you a moment to decide what YOU want/need, then screw her. You are doing perfect. Yay you for standing up for yourself! Love it! Good luck on your continued success!

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