So, I did it. Well, actually I haven’t done it. But I’m going to do it. I will press the “pay” button and have registered myself (and Kevin) for our very first HALF MARATHON. I pressed it.



This is the same feeling I had as I was contemplating my first Tri. The self doubt. The “what ifs”. The “I’m totally fucked” feeling. I never thought a 10k was possible, but I did it. I never thought a Super Sprint Tri was possible, but I did it. I never thought a Sprint Tri was possible, but I did it. I never thought a 40+ mile bike ride through the rolling hills of North Georgia was possible, but I did it. I will add a Half Marathon to this list. But, I am legit nervous. I’ve never particularly enjoyed running, but I’m realizing my running was tied to weight loss and never just running to run. As I’ve been running over the past few weeks for the sole purpose of running and exercise without the focus of weight loss, I’ve found it a lot more enjoyable.

The half marathon is slated for March 23, 2015. That’s 7 months away. 7 months is a long time, but I wanted to sign up early for a couple of reasons. The first and primary reason is that I have lived my life on hold for the last year. I haven’t registered for any races just in case I get pregnant again. To be totally honest, I haven’t done a lot of things “just in case,” including skipping an entire Tri season and that sucks. I enjoy training. I enjoy being competitive. I enjoy having goals. I am an extremely goal oriented person. The goal of running a half marathon is a lot more achievable and guaranteed that getting pregnant. Registering for this race is finally letting go and living life again. This commitment, while crazy, it feels good. The second reason, is well, it’s all up on my bucket list.

I’ve designed a half marathon training plan that combines a ton of what I’ve seen online into an extended version. I’m not as strong of a runner so I want to take the time to slowly increase my mileage and work on my actual running (not swogging, speed walking, or walking, but actual running). So, I made a 24 week plan combining walking with running to build into a steady run along with cross training and weights and still a rest day with the option of resting on either of my cross training days. I will start this on October 6th, two days after a 5k I’m running. I am crazy.

Half Training1

So, there you have it. I’m signed up for a half marathon. I just read an article that basically says fat people are more likely to shit themselves while running a half marathon. Pretty pumped about that.

There is no fatty relief wagon at this event which means I might take 8 hours to finish it. But…I will finish it. And yes, I am totally getting a 13.1 sticker for my car.

6 thoughts on “13.1

  1. While I am NOT saying you have infertility, I want to share something I learned during my own battle with infertility: much like weightloss, do not wait until you’re at goal (eg, holding your take-home baby in your arms) to live life. Plenty of women run halves while pregnant. You got this.

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