missingpic How do I get it back? The girl to the left weighs about what I do now and LOVES exercising.


That is a LEGIT question, y’all. I need help.

I really miss this girl that ran 7 miles along the beach while on vacation and asked to ride 42 miles the weekend before a triathlon.

This girl had more energy, more happiness and more “umph.” This girl also thought she was super sexy and capable of ANYTHING. I need this woman back in my life.

I’m suppose to start training for a half marathon next week, but I am about 99% sure that won’t happen…and I hate it. So, I’m seriously asking all of you for help because I will undoubtedly show up for the half marathon and probably die during it.


So, before you give  me all of your brilliant advice (seriously, I need it), let me go ahead and list all of my excuses so you can shut them down:

1. I work 630am-430pm four days a week with one day off in the week. I get up every work morning at 530am because I have a lengthy commute. I don’t get home until nearly 530pm every day.

2. We typically eat dinner around 630pm.

2. I am an old lady baby and go to bed around 930 every night.

3. If I exercise too late I can’t sleep and I already have really bad insomnia/sleep problems.

4. I really like sleep.

5. Like seriously, a lot.

6. I have a desk job and have become quite…sedentary.

7. I cancelled my LA Fitness membership AGAIN because I’m not going. It’s not convenient at all. Also, with my new 10 hour long days, I’m not able to go to any of the classes I like. Besides, I’m totally capable of running and biking outside.  I just need to do it.


So, there we have it. I want to exercise, I need to exercise, I feel better when I do and I’m suppose to start training. How do I get my chubby bunny butt off the couch and back into that mode?

********EDIT TO ADD: After talking with Stend I realized that a LARGE part of my problem is that since doing Triathlons, 10ks and 42 mile bike rides, anything less than an hour or more feels like a waste of time.


Please help!!!

14 thoughts on “PLEASE HELP!!! MISSING PERSON: Exercise Nutjob

  1. I think the biggest thing is to remember that even a little is better than none. Start with 10 minutes each night. Mondays walk with Kevin around the block. Tuesdays do a set of sit ups, squats, crunches, and a plank. Wednesdays run your stairs for 10 minutes.

    Just stick to it for a month, then think it over. Where can you up it to 20 minutes?

    Start small but be consistent. Then later, think about doing more. Don’t beat yourself up if it feels like not enough. It is more rewarding to think “I have worked out for 6 straight days” than to think “I worked out a whole hour two weeks ago.”

  2. I couldn’t agree more, actually. I have a very messed up perception of exercise where it doesn’t feel like it counts unless it’s an insane amount. You are right. ❤

  3. Just know we believe in you. You can do it! I’ve followed the ‘start small and be consistent’ tip. Believe it or not, it is a wonder. Before you know it, you’re where you want to be!

  4. Thank you so much for this! I just read your “Nobody Said It Would Be Easy” post and how accurate. Like I said, I think a huge part is that it’s not what I used to be so it doesnt feel worth my time. You are just so accurate in that post.

  5. I don’t mean to make light of your situation, but I asked myself this VERY question this morning. Where is the girl who was a calorie counting FREAK, religious about her walks, timed everything, and was doing so well.


    1. Take the 30 minute run. It is something, and even though it may not feel like anything, it is still something.

    2. Since you have a desk job, is there a way you can put a box under your keyboard and stand at your desk? Standing is better for you than sitting all day, and you really should be up and down.

    3. Waiting at the copier? Do some calf lifts? in the bathroom, do 10 push ups?

    That’s about all I got that hasn’t been suggested already.

    PS: I like sleep a lot too. Probably too much.

  6. I’m in the same boat with no time. Busy to the max with work and a toddler plus started uni again. I brought an extra pair of old sneakers to work so that when I do find that extra 30 mins sometime in my work day I can go for a shortish but fast walk. I found that just increasing the heart rate for 30 mins a few times a week made me feel good again and encouraged me to find time again. Good luck! Xx

  7. Ugh – my issue is sleep quality. I might be in bed from 930-530, but I typically only get 6’ish hour of actual sleep and according to my FitBit – only about 3 solid hours.

  8. I should not be giving you any advice because I may be in a similar boat – No motivation, not making the right choices. Sounds like exercise is more your problem and eating is more of mine, but that motivation is hard to rekindle.

  9. Motivation can be a very difficult thing to find. It’s almost like a relationship. Once you have it, you still must work daily to keep it. Over time, the effort doesn’t seem quite as hard if you make it part of a daily routine.

    I get my motivation by noticing the little things. My weight loss has been in small numbers. I am noticing the tiniest of muscular formation in my arms. There are both small but I notice them so I want to see both of them ramp up.

    In addition to the small daily exercises such as the other “start small and stay consistent” folks have posted, it may help to just look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself “You’ve GOT this. You have done this before. You CAN do it again”.

  10. I just found your blog today. I was sad to read about your miscarriage, I had one too over the summer (I was almost 4 months). I gained 60lbs since then, just eating away my sadness. My due date is in a few weeks and I just want it to come and go already. 😦 Hopefully I can get this weight off. Good luck to you, I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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