I am not dead.

Life has just been crazy!

photo (47)
image (6) Kevin and I went to the beach (Hilton Head Island) for 4 days where we stay at a beach front condo. While I ate like crap I stayed absurdly active. I got my ass up and out of bed despite how hungover I was every single morning and ran. One morning I ran 7 miles along the ocean with this as my view. It was stunning. Another morning I did 5 miles. I just found it harder to turn around the further I was from signs of human life.

Kevin and I did find a tiki bar about half a mile from our condo that had a beach entrance so we had the bright idea to bike along the beach to get there. Well, while I consider myself a cyclist I do not consider myself a good bike rider in the sense of your comfort beach cruiser in soft sand during high tide with no big gear or brake. Getting to the tiki bar was a bit challenging for me so I’m not exactly sure why I thought biking back after having a few too many would work well. The sand was ridiculously soft and my fall was even more ridiculously slow.  It was comedic I fell so slowly. I actually narrated the entire way down as I was falling. “Oh God, I’m falling. I’m definitely falling. Yes, this is happening. ” I managed to get a bruise in the perfect shape of a pedal on the top of my right foot that hurts terribly when I put my shoe on.  But! You know what? I still got up the next morning and ran. Boom! In the WW world I earned 57 Activity Points in 4 days according to my ActiveLink. And I managed to only gain 1 pound on vacation and while PMSing – which is amazing considering I’m the girl that gained 12 pounds on her honeymoon.

So, we came home from the beach, sobered up and closed on our house! We moved in on Saturday and I’m in love with it! My eating has been absolutely horrid since we moved in, mostly because my routine is off, I haven’t cooked a single meal, we’re living off of leftovers and I’m now on my period. The scale was definitely up this morning, up as in 5 pounds up, but I know a lot of it is water, bloat and period. I’ve stayed active (hell, I worked in my new garden pulling weeds for 4 hours yesterday!) and I’ll get back on the bandwagon hardcore come Monday.

I’ve got to! I’ve got a 10k in exactly 2 weeks…

Life is good!


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