Where is my beer?

michultra5k Kevin and I ran the Michelob Ultra 5k on Saturday. I absolutely loved the course. Tons of rolling hills, but for some odd reason I really enjoyed them. The course was pretty too, lots of farmland and that old country feel to it.  I certainly didn’t set a PR, but considering I haven’t actually trained for anything in over a year, I’ll call it successful. Mile 1: 13:41, Mile 2: 15:02, Mile 3: 16:11 (ouch). In my defense – my GPS mapped it as 3.25 miles…not 3.1. Just sayin…

It was 59 degrees when we left the house and I was having a hot flash so I chose to wear capris and a short sleeved shirt. We drove 13 miles North and it was then 50 degrees and windy as hell. Needless to say, my hot flash went away as soon as I was in the wind.

It was definitely good for my motivation levels and mental health to get out there. It made me want to actually start training and running again. Besides, Kevin is in LA all week for work and he’s walking 2.5 miles to his office everyday. I refuse to let him beat me in the FitBit.

You are suppose to get a free beer at the end, but you had to have your ID in order to get it…and parking was over a half a mile away. Well, I don’t run with my ID and I wasn’t trying to walk back to my car, walk back to the beer and then walk back to car for ONE beer. Well, of course you have to have your ID to drink, Danielle. Don’t be stupid. Y’all – they checked your ID when you picked up your race bibb. It made zero sense. This upset me. Shocking…

Clomid Insanity News:  I fired our lawn care company. I have been infuriated by the fact that they weren’t mowing in straight lines, some spots were longer than others, and someone thought it was a good idea to MOW MY GARDEN. I mean come on,  I’m paying you so I don’t have to do it!!! If I wanted a shitty botched job, I’d have done it myself. Long story short, we hired some other company to do it now.

The Clomid is definitely doing its job though. In the pregnancy we lost, my Progesterone levels were low/failing from the beginning. They checked my CD21 (cycle day 21) Progesterone levels on 9/8/14 and they were on the low end of normal with 10.4. This time after taking Clomid, on CD21, they were 52.9 – which is incredible high, healthy and ideal for pregnancy. How wild is it that such a tiny pill can impact your big ol’ body so much? Science… shit’s crazy, yo.

Living the Bachelorette life this week means lots of baking, carefully calculated WW points and crazy recipes that should be forced on no one. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything good. (I’m giving a go at a PP friendly Avocado Ranch tonight.)

6 thoughts on “Where is my beer?

  1. Haha! I once did a 50 mile bike ride to my favorite brewery, but couldn’t drink the beer because it’s got gluten. I probably should have just suffered the consequences! Good for you! Good luck on the baby front!

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