Screw Running

runningmem As I ran my 5 miles yesterday I thought about how much I hate running, I thought about how much I hate people that love running, I thought about how stupid running is, I yelled at every other runner I saw in my head…you get the drift.

I hate running. I absolutely hate running. I have a problem though, when I’m not good at something I don’t accept it. I will continue to suck at it until I feel like I’m half way decent. I will force myself to do something until I improve. It’s good in some aspects and terrible in others…like running.

All of the runners I know tell me that it’s a chance for them to “clear their mind.” I’m so angry when I’m running. Primarily at myself, but other things I’m usually angry at while running include other runners, the sun, the heat, my legs, my pace, hills, etc. Needless to say, I haven’t found a way to clear my mind and just run.

Some runners tell me it’s “all in my head.” That I am the reason I hate my life while running. What the fuck does that mean? I don’t get off on how much I dislike running.

I made a comment on my fatty forums about how I disliked C25K because of the 8 minute to 20 minute jump. I said that the 12 minute jump was physically too much for my body at the time and it made me discouraged. I can now run for 20 minutes straight, and while it’s not pretty, I can do it. Her response to me was that the reason I couldn’t do the 8 to 20 minute jump when it was time was because I was in my own head and didn’t believe in myself. What bullshit. I believe in myself, but my legs do not. My big ass literally couldn’t do it. It wasn’t my head, it was my physical ability. Anyhow, her comment got into my head and annoyed me.

I brought all of this up to Kevin last night. As we laid in bed he went through a myriad of scenarios surrounding “which would you rather”. One was would you rather be at your goal weight or be a really good runner. I chose good runner (but only because I would be a better runner the thinner I was.) Another was would I rather be 100 pounds heavier and be a fantastic runner or be at goal and be a shitty runner. I chose 100 pounds heavier, but let’s be honest – Kevin totally called my bluff and told me to go to sleep because I was delirious. True story.

But seriously, I hate running. Are there any other runners that hate running?

::cricket cricket::

18 thoughts on “Screw Running

  1. I lost it at “What the fuck does that mean?” Hahahaha. I love you. For me, running is a rhythmic thing that I can’t get anywhere else. Because, you know, I’m horrible at rhythm. But lately I’ve been trying to run way faster, and I do not get into that rhythm, and my body feels weird, and I don’t know what to think about to make it stop,and I’m very conscious of how awkward I feel, and I hate it. A lot. Maybe you have not found your rhythm, or maybe you never will with running. Maybe you’re just an awesome cyclist and the rest will never feel right. That’s ok too. But you’re still gonna have to run, girl. Sorry boo.

  2. I’m “in like” with running, not “in love” with running. I hate running when:
    -I’m tired
    -I’m running up hills
    -when it’s too hot or too cold
    -it’s too early or too late

    Hmm maybe I hate running lol! I do however like the clarity and the scenery when I run.

  3. GIRL. i get fucking tired, WATCHING PEOPLE RUN. literally, its a problem i have. if i see someone running, i immediately feel sleepy, my whole body relaxes and i need to like, sit down or lie down and i want to close my eyes. I CAN’T STAND RUNNING. it doesn’t CLEAR MY HEAD, its not my ME time, and its miserable. Its painful for all parts of my body, and i can’t sustain it long enough to make it fucking worth the time or effort expended to burn enough calories. its too high impact. I HATE when i say shit like “i’m not there yet” or “my body isn’t ready for that” and peole say, no no, you are, you only THINK you can’t…. NO. I LITERALLY, CAN’T DO SUICIDES AND TRENCHES, AND DON’T WANT TO TAKE A BOOT CAMP CLASS THAT MAKES YOU RUN UP AND DOWN STAIRS BECAUSE I WILL BLACK OUT. i ‘m still too fat. KTHNXBYE. next. people are SOOO annoying, i tune 99% of them out.

  4. I hated running for a LONG time. Then once I’d been doing it long enough, I started to love it. You never know, it could just take time (it did for me)!

  5. Yeah, there is no “me time” involved in running. It’s nothing but pure anger. I don’t do suicides or hill sprints. Anything that induces vomiting sounds terrible in my book. The ONLY reason I run is so I can do triathlons…

  6. You are too funny! I hate the build up to all exercise…you know, getting the clothes on, lacing up the shoes, driving to a class, etc, etc. By the time I am actually thinking, “This is half bad. I’m a real jock” the class or the run is over.

  7. I need one that just says “I hate running.” LOL! Running doesn’t seem to effect my weight loss one way or the other. I have a good routine for exercise/activity it’s the damn foodie in me that gets in the way.

  8. Run… I let my mind run riot all the time.. but physically.. nooooo… but I take my hat off to you…as for being slimmer or a better runner.. come on…. who really cares if someone runs well or not? it is like walking one foot in front of the other.. Haha I am going to get shot for that!

  9. Oh girl, you’re singing my song!! LOVE THIS POST!! So great!! 🙂

    I HATE RUNNING!!!! …but it helps me look better and allows me to eat, so…

    ugh, stupid running.

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  12. That C25K is rediculous. I actually thought there was a mistake in the app I was using. I ended up doing 2×1 minute walk breaks before I actually fell over. Then it goes back to intervals, presumably to help with speed? I’m still doing the C25K program but very glad that week is behind me!

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