swimstart Anyone that does triathlons will tell you, we like to talk about them. We can find a way to sneak triathlons into nearly every conversation. A question as simple as, “Hey, wanna see a movie this weekend?” can get a reply of, “Oh sorry – can’t. I’ve got to get a brick in this weekend. What? You don’t know what a brick is?  Well, I’m training for a triathlon…” or maybe a friend asks what you’re ordering for dinner when you do go out, you reply with, “A high protein, high carb something. I’m doing my 40 mile ride tomorrow in training for my tri next month.” The ways we sneak them in are limitless. Alas, I digress –

As I wrapped up my 1800y swim, a gentleman stopped swimming and said to me, “You’re a really strong swimmer. What are you training for?” and that was all it took… “Oh me? Thanks! I’m training for a triathlon in 8 weeks.” He asked several questions and I gave several answers. I admitted I wasn’t ballsy enough to even think about an Ironman, but when he asked my distance I proudly told him a 600 yard swim, 16 mile bike and a 3.1 run. He said he had total admiration for me. And that made my day. 100%

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