She’s Crafty

Mad photoshop skills.

I have mad photoshop skills. Hire me for weddings!

I consider myself a fairly crafty person. As in, I’m the dick that goes to a craft fair, sees something and decides I can make it better for cheaper…so I do. Ain’t nobody got $85 to spend on a wreath. Well, at least I dont. I cook, I bake, I craft, but I can’t draw for shit. I’ll own that one. Even my stick figures blow. And I’m clearly no photoshop pro. ONE DAY though! One day. Anyhow, I digress…

I realized that I had nothing to display all of my medals/bibs on. And since I’m one of those OCD freaks that likes everything in its place, I needed to remedy that. I saw a Running medals display and race bibs display and took inspiration from it. Opting against the $54 and only spending approximately $10. I already own a Cricut Expression Electronic Cutting Machine (If you’re a crafter and don’t have one of these – you need one. This thing is amazing!) so I knew I’d just cut my letters from that. If you dont have one, you could buy letters at Michael’s. Then, I had one cut of scrap wood made at Home Depot ($2), bought some navy blue paint ($3), some decorative nails and some hooks ($5) and went to work. Boom – $10! Painted the wood, let it dry, glued down my letters, Mod Podge’d that shit down, hammer some nails in, and drilled some hooks in. It took a couple of hours all in with drying time included.

The Mister's Medal/Bib Holder.

The Mr’s Medal/Bib Holder.

Kevin is not a triathlon fan. He does not have as many medals. Where as the medal may or may not specifically play a role as to why I do them… don’t judge me. You can see though, Kevin starts in way earlier waves than my big ass when we run. And he is doing a couple events in the future that I’m not where he will get medals. (More to come on that in the future. Ermagherd – foreshadowing.)

The Mrs's

The Mrs’s Medal/Bib Holder

Overall, I’m quite pleased! These hang in the house now and we don’t have bibs/medals scattered around. They’re a great conversation piece, because as we all know triathletes like to talk about the fact that they’re triathletes.

How do you display your medals/bibs?

7 thoughts on “She’s Crafty

  1. That’s awesome! They came out really well. I am also crafty. I tend to not have time for all that I want to make. When I do have time, naps sneak up on me. They’re stealthy buggers.

  2. I love this idea!!!! I think I may have to do some kind of display like this for my first ever race I did last weekend. I plan on doing many more. It was such an adrenaline high, and now I want to see if I can get faster and faster. ( Though my first will always have a special place in my heart / memory. )

    Thank you so much for SHARING!

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