Organic Vitamins

I’ve been exhausted lately, so in order to bump up my energy levels (considering my training will only get longer and more intense) I’ve also bumped up my vitamins. I was only taking a daily multi vitamin. So, Sunday I went to Target and did some research on my phone while I browsed vitamins. With the exception of the multivitamin I added all this other crap. Any vitamin takers out there that recommend something else, as well?


Totally switching topics – I’m a reader and a researcher. If it seems plausible and leads to better health I’ll typically buy in. Now, I’m not gullible or naive. I’m not a “prepper”. There is no stock piling or hoarding in my house, rest assured.

However, I stumbled upon this, which I found VERY interesting. On the “thrifty” weekly cost of the USDA’s cost of food at home we should be spending $87.90, where as on the “low-cost plan” we should be spending $112.30. On average, I spend $100/week give or take $20. I have, however, decided to switch myself and husband to Organic – BUT not increase my amount of spending. I read some crazy study that discussed the amounts of pesticides we’re consuming on a yearly basis (20 pounds of pesticides…wtf?) Also, because it’s fun and I like a challenge, I’ve decided to start shopping at Whole Paycheck  Foods. I’m not some nutso couponer either, but I’m using some coupons (I got 3 Stonyfield Organic Yogurts for 19 cents a pop instead of $1.00), shopping in their bulk bins, and buying on sale. I got out of there with a week’s worth of groceries for $60 yesterday, putting me at almost $28 under the weekly “thrify” average. Any other budget/whole fooders out there?

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