Y’all better stop…


I came out. I linked my real life with my weight loss life. Honestly – I was PETRIFIED I wouldn’t be well received. My stomach was in knots when I confirmed everything for my facebook page, my tumblr, my twitter. (Wowzors – I’m a nerd.) Alicia and Kevin talked me off the ledge several times and convinced me no one would laugh at me. Yes, that’s right. In the back of my head there was public ridicule, finger pointing, belly laughing and many tears. Which is stupid. I’m (almost) a 30 year old grown ass woman. I was also concerned it would embarrass Kevin. I know that’s stupid, too. Kevin has always loved me no matter what and always will – but part of me was afraid.

Additionally – it’s really easy to publish my weight all over this blog, but there was something very different about publishing my weight and knowing everyone in my real life can now see it. So many weight loss blogs show before and afters, but there is no number attached. There is no time line. There is simply “do this and this and feel great,” “Eat this and get fit!”  The truth it, it’s not that simple. We all know what to do, but understanding the mentality behind it is often not addressed.  It’s normal to ebb and flow and not lose weight every week. I hate the perception that the “get fit” blogs give. It’s an unrealistic expectation. Your motivation will slip. You will have bad meals bad days bad weeks. You will need to get it together.  You will get off the wagon, torch it and frolic in the flames before having your “Oh shit” moment.

So, I took the plunge yesterday and committed to this blog. I looked my fears in their eyes and told them to screw off. In return – I promise not to sell out or stop being me. Mostly, I promise to always be real and honest. I hope this tactic works out for me. Everyone can see me succeed. They can see me fail. They have me at my rawest and most exposed. Because that is not changing here.  I clicked and everything linked and the out pour of warmth and acceptance was mind blowing. There were so many comments. So much support. No one laughed. No one pointed. No one cried…except me a little…because I was so flattered.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


13 thoughts on “Y’all better stop…

  1. Well done! I blogged for quite a while before I decided to share any of it with friends… and then I took the plunge and put things on Twitter and Facebook. All of my friends who have commented have been surprisingly positive and you will probably find that people’s reaction is the same. For me the best thing about sharing has been the affirmation that although it sometimes feels like I am the only person who is struggling there are hundreds of people who are encountering the same problems.

  2. I agree with the affirmation part. Knowing that other people feel encouraged and inspired by me is actually what encourages and inspires me to keep on keepin’ on. Thanks for all of your support, btw. You’ve been a constant here! 🙂

  3. “You will get off the wagon, torch it and frolic in the flames before having your “Oh shit” moment.”

    Love it. Love you. The pride isn’t mine to have; you have done this on your own, but still I am so proud. So happy to have you in my life. My befri.

    Even if you will never -love- like running.

  4. Totally understand this, despite being a social media fiend, I’ve still set up anonymous new twitter and blog for weight loss. Hopefully I’ll come out one day too!

  5. Good for you!! I have yet to “come out” and am terrified to do so. It’s all about your own comfort level, and confidence 🙂 Congrats on conquering that fear!

  6. I love this in so very many ways!! good for you!! I look up to you, I hope to get to that place with myself one day, with sharing my self for everybody in my real life!!!

  7. Blogging is a really good way to stay motivated. When I don’t post for a week my friends start gathering outside of my office with pitchforks. It puts a lot of pressure on to stay focused.

  8. Aww! I’m so, insanely proud of you! I know we don’t know each other, but believe me, I am. It’s so hard to show people who you really are.

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