madkidgif And put on your “judgement free” hat before you continue reading this. Seriously, I just had the worst, pretentious, lunk moment. So, stop. I don’t want any of these judgy, pissed off faces reading – including your dog… (I also understand if you defriend me…I’m so sorry…) But seriously, none of this…

I had just updated and then thought to myself it’d be an excellent time to peruse the interwebs and see what “fun” things I could find to do. Well, I found some night ride in Atlanta that’s 7 miles. I was very excited and thought to myself, “OMG! YES! It’s on May 10th! I’ll still be in training! That’ll be fun…” and then I looked at my training schedule and while laughing out loud thought, I’m doing 40 miles on the 10th. At that moment in my warped, twisted mind, I thought to myself the obvious thing that anyone would think, Surely it’s a kids ride at only 7 miles.


Nope.  Definitely not a kids ride.

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