Squat Challenge

falilngontocouchYesterday I started a squat challenge at approximately  7:30am and then went for a run at 3pm. I could already feel the squats in my thighs when I went for a run and suddenly, 2 miles in my entire right foot went numb and tingly. According to a Physical Therapist friend of mine and my nurse mother – it was a nerve issue. A nerve issue that was enough to make me stop running because let me tell you, it’s damn impossible to run on a “sleeping foot.” You look drunk. So, I promptly came home so I didn’t get a public intoxication citation at a children’s park…and dove into the couch trying to regain feeling in my foot and lose the feeling in my thighs…

So, what is this squat challenge you may ask? Well, my bestfriend and husband introduced me to Tumblr. My God – that’s bad news bears for people toeing the line of obsessive behaviors… Anyhow, I stumbled upon this:


And – let’s be honest. You don’t challenge me. Period. I’m the nut job with shit taped everywhere to remind, encourage, push, challenge, torture, drive insane…you get the point. I don’t care that I look like some lunatic that can barely walk: hobbling, holding onto handrails in the handicap stalls, wincing in pain when I stand…no I don’t care. I’ve accepted the challenge.

4 thoughts on “Squat Challenge

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