Training, Bashing and Cakes

Two weeks training and feeling good! Started week three this week and I’m looking forward to it.  I’ve been working on my swim and using a High Elbow Catch to improve my swim. Definitely different muscles, as my forearm was sore. Ha! It’s made a huge difference already in my time, so I’m quite excited.

I was going to make this long thought out post regarding skinny bashing vs. fat bashing after there was a touchy thread on my fatty forums, but let’s be honest – then I thought of all my baked goods recently and quickly changed the topic. I’m sure I’ll revisit it, as I find fat bashing and skinny bashing – and well, weight talk interesting all around….but then I started thinking about cake.

CardiacCookies I haven’t shared any of my recent baking endeavors; however, I’ve been super busy with it! On Valentine’s Day I baked these adorable little fellows and frosted them with a butter cream. They have actual ventricular rhythms, too. I work in a hospital – I couldn’t resist. Everyone got quite a kick out of them! I used a “cookie pop” tray and that thing was TERRIBLE. I hated the tray. It just didn’t cooperate. So, I ended up sans stick and molded them. Hey – it worked!

ClaireCakeKevin has been encouraging me to take a cake class since I enjoy it so much and I did! I took the first Wilton Cake Decorating Class and this was my “graduation cake.” We had a family friend come home from a 3 month internship in Italy so this was the perfect opportunity to make it!  I had so much fun in these classes and cannot recommend them enough! I had the basics, but this taught me how to refine them and be more productive. Those are the “Wilton Roses” on the left – quite tricky if your frosting consistency isn’t right. What I learned in this class is how important your frosting consistency is at all times.

Lastly – and I’m most proud of this one…the cake I made for my nephew’s 8th birthday. (Ignore my messy as shit counter/work station!) I made a marshmallow fondant from scratch to which I covered my carved rice krispie treats with. What you can’t see if how detailed the hat is – down to the stitching. The “grass” is actually a double doozie cookie cake, per the request of my nephew. This was my first time working with fondant and I fell in love with it. I plan on taking the fondant class at Cake Art, where I took my decorating class, but it’s an advanced class and I have to take level 2 before I can take the fondant class.

And because who doesn’t love stuffing their face with double stuffed oreos?

For those of you on WW –  2pts/cookie…


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