Good Problems

You know you’ve lost weight when…

…your knee highs become thigh highs.

What about you?

The scale went in the right direction again this morning! I’m ecstatic! Perhaps the high sugar fruit really is an issue for me, despite not eating a ton of it. Crazy how something so small can effect you so much. I say this now, but fingers are still crossed for Saturday. lol

30-minute-bourguignonne-mashed-potatoes-ck-lDinner is Filet Bourguignonne with Mashed Potatoes – 13 PP. Mmmm. I’ve made it before and it’s definitely a cold day favorite. The full recipe serves 4, but I’m a bulk eater and I’ll have just finished a 3.1 run – so I’ll be starving. With that said, I calculate the points based on 3 servings. I’m not sure why it only gets 4 stars and not 5. Regardless, I use fresh pearl onions and not frozen ones and 1% milk – because that’s what I buy.


Words cannot explain how excited I am for this weekend. We are going to SkyZone for my nephew’s 8th birthday party. The best part is that the adults get to participate, as well. I get to spend time jumping around on trampolines like a lunatic. Note to self: wear my super serious sports bra so there are no black eyes.

Lastly, I actually did open a document and started writing the letter to read the morning I do the PTC Sprint Triathlon.

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