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WW Points at Trader Joe’s

WW Points at Trader Joe’s

    Here’s a running list – I’ll also post this over in Grocery Thangs, too.   0% Fat Pumpkin Greek Yogurt – 1 container – 5pp 99% Fat Free Bean and Rice Burrito – 1 burrito – 6pp Alfredo Pasta Sauce – 1/4 c – 3pp Arancini Bites – 2 bites – 3pp Asparagus … Continue reading

Good Problems

You know you’ve lost weight when… …your knee highs become thigh highs. What about you? The scale went in the right direction again this morning! I’mĀ ecstatic! Perhaps the high sugar fruit really is an issue for me, despite not eating a ton of it. Crazy how something so small can effect you so much. I … Continue reading

Playing With My Food

I know, I know. Tsk tsk! But I am! I know WW is pro fruit and I would love to be pro fruit, but after looking at my tracker the ONLY thing I can possibly imagine contributing to the slow slow slow loss is the fruit/sugar content. So, this week I’ve cut out high sugar … Continue reading