I get questions often and someone on 3FC posted this series. I thought I’d share my answers and I’m happy to field any other questions. I’ve made a “questions” page where I’ll post any and all questions I’ve gotten (ask anything you’d like.)

Feel free to send your questions to:

How much weight have you lost? 

To date – 111lbs. Whoa! 39lbs to go. 😀

Did people notice? 

Yes. Especially because of Facebook- people from HS in particular.

Has your confidence changed? 

Yes, it definitely has. Honestly, I’m sure this is the wrong answer, but I’ve been throughout the spectrum with my confidence. When I was at my heaviest I was my most confident. I knew that body and I don’t know this one. This one is constantly changing and it weirds me out.  My confidence is slowly growing/improving/coming back.

Was shaving your legs/thighs/etc. harder before? Has it gotten easier? 

Honestly? No. I’ve always been stupid flexible. I could hit splits at 325lbs. HA! It’s the same now.

Does your ring size get smaller? 

Yep. My engagement ring and wedding ring are two different sizes and I will get them re-sized when I hit my goal weight.

How different is your life? 

Well, I do things now that I never thought I’d do – like triathlons. Aside from that – not very.

Did your boobs get smaller, and by how much? 

Nope. I was a 40F and now I’m a 36F….

Do you go out to eat? If so, do you eat differently than you would’ve before? 

Yes, though it can occasionally cause me stress. If I know where I’m going ahead of time and have a chance to go through the menu alone I’m fine. I like control and not having it stresses me. And yes, I eat a lot differently. I think about portion size now.

Do you look thinner to yourself? 

Yes and no. I still have a hard time actually seeing and believing it. My husband took pictures of me at various weights in the same outfit (panties and a bra) in the same poses and I can see it there. It’s REALLY weird to see though. Like REALLY weird.  I cried the first time I saw.

Did you notice the progress as it was happening? 

Kinda. Some days I see it and some days I don’t.

Do people act differently towards you? Strangers, friends, family? 

Not really. People just ask questions and it’s weird.

How many pictures did it take to get a “good” picture before? How many does it take now? 

Oh boy – I’ve always been a camera whore and have never been annoyed by my picture being taken. If anything, now I ask for my pictures because I’m more conscious of my weight.

Did you chafe before? Anywhere, and if so, where? Do you chafe now? 

Yes, yes yes – my thighs.  Sometimes. It depends on what I’m wearing.

Are jeans more comfortable? 

Oh god yes. I used to only wear long skirt. I wear jeans EVERY chance I get now.

Could you comfortably sit with one leg crossed over the other? Can you now? 

Nope, I always wanted to, but I never could. And now? YES! And I do. Every chance. haha!

Would jogging around the block have embarrassed you before? 
Does it now? 

Yes, I used to think I could never do it. The first “workout” I did was a spin class at a ladies gym and I HATED it. Everything hurt, I was convinced people were staring at me, etc. Now, I just kind of own it and people are often taken aback by what I’m doing. Example: I ran on a 6.0 yesterday (3/7/13) at the gym and one of the trainers was watching me. LOL. Now my thought is just, “Yep. Ya damn right this big girl is running on a 6. How ya like them apples, son?!”

Do you feel the work it took to get there was worth it?

100% yes. A million times yes. More than anything, I am worth it.

Are you happier now? Were you unhappy before? 

No and no. My happiness is not relevant to a number on a scale. I have issues with this concept. Please read this. 

How long were you overweight before deciding to lose weight? 

I graduated HS in 2002 at 325lbs. In Nov of 2004 I met my husband and weighed 295lbs. In April of 2008 I weighed aprox 285lbs and then in Jan of 2010 I weighed about 250. I got serious last year and I’m planning on hitting goal this year.

What made you decide to lose weight? 

Real talk. I’m head over heels in love with my husband and I want to have a family with him, I want to give him and us as much time as possible. It’d be selfish of me to not give him the best version of me that I can be.

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