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Do What You Love and Love What You Do

Do What You Love and Love What You Do

I like coffee and I really like cream. I like a lot of cream in a good cup of coffee. As I was measuring my almond milk and pouring it into my coffee this morning I thought to myself, “This sucks. I don’t even like this shit.” Almond milk in coffee sucks. It just sucks. The taste sucks. The … Continue reading


My official weigh in at WW on Saturday morning was 211.00. That is 35% of my highest weight lost forever. 35% – that is insane.   My first goal is to hit 199 (obviously) but I am ultimately looking to reach 175lbs as my goal weight and then focus on muscle/lifting/toning. I know for a … Continue reading


I get questions often and someone on 3FC posted this series. I thought I’d share my answers and I’m happy to field any other questions. I’ve made a “questions” page where I’ll post any and all questions I’ve gotten (ask anything you’d like.) Feel free to send your questions to: somuchfattitude@gmail.com How much weight have … Continue reading

And So It Begins

Today marks the start of my 2nd season of tri training. I’m training to place in my division this season – hopefully. I compete in the Athena Division which is the fatty girl division. HOWEVER – it’s really not because there’s no height restriction and it’s 150lbs and more. So, someone 6′, 150lbs and all … Continue reading