Do What You Love and Love What You Do

dowhatyouloveI like coffee and I really like cream. I like a lot of cream in a good cup of coffee. As I was measuring my almond milk and pouring it into my coffee this morning I thought to myself, “This sucks. I don’t even like this shit.” Almond milk in coffee sucks. It just sucks. The taste sucks. The texture sucks. All of it sucks. I usually put a tablespoon of cream, but in all honesty, that sucks too. It’s not enough for my taste. I like the richness and depth that cream gives coffee. I’d rather have 1/4c. cream in my coffee, but I’m not willing to spend 200 kcal on it. I don’t drink caffeine so it’s not like I’m getting any perk from this sucky beverage. I poured it out. Intuitive eating, Danielle – eat/drink what you like. I’m not going through the charade of making crappy decaf every morning and forcing myself to drink it anymore. I’ll occasionally swing by Dunkin Donuts and have a cup of coffee the way I actually like it, not the daily crap I have been disappointed while drinking.

I was doing the same thing with exercise. I find things that feel like chores and force myself to do them despite hating every minute. Like running. I’m not sure why I’ve been so headstrong and dead set on being a runner. I don’t enjoy it as my primary form of exercise. So, this time around I’ve stuck to what I actually really enjoy: primarily spinning. Mon/Wed/Fri I’ve been spinning for an hour and loving every minute of my life. Tues/Thurs have been running/weights. I’ve found a groove in this and have actually enjoyed myself. It’s starting to feel like just part of my day again, which is really a welcomed feeling. It might even be time to dust my bike off, pump up the tires and hit the road.

For those of you that do the whole weights thing, I’d love your feedback. I’ve been warming up with a mile run. I do 3 sets of 8 reps and my weight limit is so that I’m truly struggling on the last rep. Any additions? Changes? Good forums/sites to check out? I’m a total newbie at weights, but I’d really like to focus more on them.

Vertical Chest Press: 3×8 50lbs
Preacher Curls: 3×8 40lbs
Seated Dip 3×8 95lbs
Hip Adduction: 3×8 90lbs
Hip Abduction: 3×8 90lbs
Ab crunch: 3×8 90lbs

PS: If you havent had the Litehouse OPA Greek Yogurt Ranch you need to. It has 60kcal for 2 tablespoons and all of the tang/flavor ranch should have. I’m pretty much obsessed with it.

7 thoughts on “Do What You Love and Love What You Do

  1. This is totally the way we should think. Forcing yourself to eat good you dislike on a daily basis and performing activities you dread will cause rebellion against yourself. Good for you for doing what you like and eating (or drinking what you like) in moderation.

  2. Exactly – and that’s exactly what I’ve done for so long. I realized this when I read intuitive eating, but life happened and I stopped focusing on the important things.

  3. This is so true! I’ve tried coffee with almond milk, or milk and sugar with cinnamon…but I still prefer the flavored creamer. I love it and I NEED my caffeine, so I choose to drink it and measure my creamer. It’s still too many calories, but it’s the one thing I’m not willing to give up. For now, anyway.

    I’ve also learned that I enjoy running, and that is something I NEVER thought I would say. I find myself looking forward to my running/walking time now, so I’m going with it!

  4. Are you using that hip adduction/abduction machine? I’ve heard they’re really bad for your spine and unnecessary. Hold free weights to do lunges and bridges (can vary these up, both legs on the group, both with a weight on your pelvis, one leg in the air, the other doing the work) instead. Also from my own experience ab crunch machine is useless. Just get on the floor and do crunches, focusing on not using your arms at all to get you up.

    Also if your gym has is, do a dip assist instead of a seated dip, much more challenging and beneficial.

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