And So It Begins

Today marks the start of my 2nd season of tri training.

I’m training to place in my division this season – hopefully. I compete in the Athena Division which is the fatty girl division. HOWEVER – it’s really not because there’s no height restriction and it’s 150lbs and more. So, someone 6′, 150lbs and all muscle is in the same division as my 5’5″ 216lb ass. It’s ridiculous if you ask me. I’d rather it be done by BMI, but whatevs.

I created a page by my Weigh Ins that has my training plan on it. Yes, at one point I’m cycling 40 miles in one day. The longest I’ve done is 34. A new challenge, which is always good. I haven’t trained this intensely before so I’m hoping I stick with it. Last season I did train and trained extensively, but not at these distances/lengths. At my peak I’ll be swimming nearly 2 miles, biking 50 miles and running 10 miles in 4 days. I think a little piece of me just died.

Honestly, I’m scared out of my mind, particularly with failing. Head first, two feet in and no looking back this season.

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