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Day 1

Day 1

You start with a physical fitness test that basically leaves you questioning every ounce in your being if you’ll be able to actually survive a workout. Resting heart rate: 69. Boom. Still have a fairly decent RHR, which is pretty awesome considering how lazy I was for a year. SO. LAZY. Pull ups: 0. Nope. … Continue reading

And So It Begins

Today marks the start of my 2nd season of tri training. I’m training to place in my division this season – hopefully. I compete in the Athena Division which is the fatty girl division. HOWEVER – it’s really not because there’s no height restriction and it’s 150lbs and more. So, someone 6′, 150lbs and all … Continue reading


I was born and raised Catholic (though no longer practicing) and at the age of 15 I was on a weekend retreat. We were given multiple letters from people in our lives to read and reflect on. I still have many of them, but I often find myself re-reading the one from my brother. While … Continue reading

Who Do You Think You Are?

To Whom It May Concern, My intent behind this letter is not to gain anything free or really gain anything at all except perhaps a peace of mind.  I have been a faithful member with LA Fitness for over three years now and have had very few, if any complaints. Last night I attended my … Continue reading