Day 1


Post workout.

You start with a physical fitness test that basically leaves you questioning every ounce in your being if you’ll be able to actually survive a workout.

Resting heart rate: 69. Boom. Still have a fairly decent RHR, which is pretty awesome considering how lazy I was for a year. SO. LAZY.

Pull ups: 0. Nope. I got nothing here. I can’t even hold my heavy ass up by my arms. No shame. I told Kevin my ultimate goal is to at least be able to do a 1/4 of a pull up.

Vertical Leap: 4.5″ This short girl has some ups! My vertical leap is currently 4.5″! I mean no, it’s not the 19 INCH vertical leap my tall ass, used to play basketball ass, husband has, but whatever! It says the goal for women is 3 inches. So, I felt pretty good about that.

Push ups: 6. I can only do lady push ups. I have horrible upper body strength.  Which isn’t surprising considering all of the endurance sports I did were all lower body. Anyhow, I got a whopping 6 lady push ups. I’m suppose to be able to do 15 of the lady ones. Whole bag of nopes.

Toe Touch/Flexibility Test: +2. Which means I am still flexible as hell. I can reach 2 inches past my toes while sitting with my legs fully extended. I can still hit a split too.

Wall Squat: 42.12 seconds. I am 100% positive I could have gone longer had I not lost my footing. I was pretty bummed by that, but whatever.

Bicep Curls: 25 with 10lb weights. I was surprised I was able to do so many. Again, my upper body strength is crap.

In and outs: 10. So, this shit was insanely hard. You sit with your hands on the floor by your side and your knees bent with your feet on the floor. You bring your knees up to your chest and extend your feet without ever putting them back down. Sounds easy, is hard as shit.

Heart Rate Maximizer: Immediately after: 123; 1 min: 109; 2min: 88; 3min: 100; 4min: 104. My Fitbit must have misread at 2 minutes. Anyhow, you do 2 minutes of jumping jacks and sprint through them for the last 30 seconds. Jumping jacks with breastfeeding boobs are IMPOSSIBLE. Seriously. I had to do modified jumping jacks because in addition to these big ol titties flopping around and nearly putting an eye out, the pain when they are milk jugs and flying everywhere is insane. I basically ended up either holding them down and doing the jump squats or doing plie squats while doing the arm movement. No jumping. Jumping = black eye.


Me in 90 days.

The Fitness Test took about a total of 40 minutes. You do everything to failure and take a couple of minutes between each exercise so you can muster up the strength to move on. We also took our measurements and our before and after pictures to compare now and in 90 days.
So, today we started P90x3 during our lunch break while Brooke is at school. It’s insane how quickly you lose your endurance. We did the Synergistics workout, or as I like to call it – the extreme yoga meets extreme weights and you puke in your mouth workout.

That ish was hard. I mean REAL. HARD.

But hard in that way I’ve been craving. Hard in the “I need more” way. In the I put the chips back at lunch and had carrot sticks instead kind of way. Hard in the good way.

Could I do every exercise? God no. But I tried and found ways to modify them so I could my best. Did I feel the exhaustion, sweat dripping off my body, and exercise high after? Yes, yes, I did. Do I smell like I went to the gym and busted my ass? Yup.

I’m going to call today a victory and check off that we killed day one. p90x3calendar

One thought on “Day 1

  1. You are an inspiration!! I sweat last night climbing the step ladder to get the vinegar from above the stove…

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