I was born and raised Catholic (though no longer practicing) and at the age of 15 I was on a weekend retreat. We were given multiple letters from people in our lives to read and reflect on. I still have many of them, but I often find myself re-reading the one from my brother. While it’s now tear stained, ink smeared and well, nearly 15 years old –  it always makes me so appreciative of our relationship. I’ve framed this letter, as it will always be near and dear to my heart. He has no idea how much that letter meant to me, and probably never will.

I read an article about a guy that would write himself a letter to open before the start of every triathlon. I’ve heard about people that write themselves letters so they never forget where they’ve come from. I’ve met people that write themselves letters to read on their worst days to fill with them with the confidence that’s quickly withering away.

Today, I’ll write a letter to myself to open on the morning of May 18th when I do my 4th triathlon and the start of my 2nd season. Today I’ll write a letter to myself for when I’m struggling to find my way through this journey. Today I’ll write myself  a letter  so I never forget where I’ve come from – that I’ll open on my 30th Birthday this year.

Today, perhaps I’ll put some of my demons to rest and find my confidence that’s losing its way.

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