A Toast To You

I spoke to the LA Fitness rep on the phone last night as I drove home. She kept apologizing to me, to me personally, like she had insulted me.

But this wasn’t for me. This was for every one that is too afraid to go to the gym because they might be singled out.This was for everyone that has spent countless hours thinking about joining a gym, but finding every excuse not to. This was for everyone that’s taken a fitness class and felt self conscious. This was for everyone that wanted to disappear when they compared themselves to other people in the gym. This was for everyone that is so scared of failing that they don’t try. This was for everyone that is too self conscious to change in the locker room. This was for everyone that wishes they just looked like someone else.

This was for who I once was.

So, I toast you. I toast the person that’s still finding their way. The person that is scared, insecure, lonely and afraid. The person that has so many fears and doubts. The person that feels like no one else in the world gets this. I do and I toast you – because if you’re still reading this, you’re on the right path.

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