Baking Bunny Butts

image (4)I’m a sucker for alliteration. No lie. Easter came and went, but if there is an excuse for me to bake, – you betta believe I’m on it. I did a 4 layer vanilla cake with alternating pink and purple layers. The frosting is a butter cream and the grass/flowers are a marshmallow fondant I made. I hand cut/rolled the grass, vines and flowers from the fondant. The bunny butt, carrots and cotton tail are made with Tip 12, the pads of his feet are Tip 2 and the grass and carrot tops are Tip 233. The dirt is just crushed chocolate wafers.
eastercake1photo 5

And yes, 14pp for one small slice. OUCH!

Kevin (programming husband) is setting me up a site for all of my baking goodies. I’ll link the two once they get up and running for all you foodies. ‚̧

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