Operation Stop Stressing and Make a Baby

fertility1 fertility2CVS sent my shipment of Fertility meds. There is nothing more depressing than having a sharps container in your house for your fertility needles. Whomp whomp. I had an ultrasound done the day before we left for the beach to see how I’d responded to the Femara. My NP called me back an hour later and told me we were “sitting on top of a perfect ovulation.” She kept using words like, gorgeous, perfect, amazing, ideal, etc. Very good and very positive words. She told us to trigger and then get out of town and have fun. Kevin gave me the trigger shot and NO weird reaction this time. PHEW! Though, he did insist I remain laying down for 10 minutes “just in case.”

pcb14 pcb9
So, we are back from the beach in one piece and hopefully Operation Stop Stressing and Make a Baby was successful. Both of our Doctor’s told us to go away for a long weekend and just enjoy each other. So, we took our Dr. ordered vacation.

We went during the off season so we were able to get a ridiculously nice room with an amazing view and a jacuzzi in the room!


Said view from the balcony.

Said view from the Jacuzzi

Said view from the Jacuzzi



We did all of the touristy things. We went to some place called “Dicks” where the servers get to be sarcastic and crude. I was not amused simply because I had no idea what mine said…

I ate entirely too much food and drank entirely too much beer. I had no regrets.

It stormed and poured the last day we were there so we took a 3 hour jacuzzi bath and listened to the waves crash as we watched the Falcon’s blow the game.

At about half time of the game we got dressed and headed to Dave and Buster’s because we are grown ass kids at heart. We had a few drinks and watched the rest of the Falcon’s game and then we played games like bosses and had an amazing time.

pcb10pcb15The one day we did have nice weather I got up early and ran in the morning, which is my favorite beach activity. I will say, running along PCB is a lot harder than Hilton Head. The sand was at some weird angle and I felt like I was running on a constant incline – to the side. My arch hurt after. It was very strange, but whatever – I ran and there is nothing more cathartic than running along the shore, watching the waves, the smell of salt water and just the view – even if your arch does hurt. I am so much more active whenever I’m on vacation than when I’m not. So, I came to the conclusion that we need to move to the beach…  Just sayin…


pcb6pcb1Kevin got some great pictures on our nice camera from our balcony. We’ve been talking about framing one for the house. And I took some pictures of him taking pictures, because I think he’s hot and I’m supa artistic at the MySpace style of picture.

Long story short, we are hoping that Operation Stop Stressing and Make a Baby was a success, but only time will tell now! I’m not doing a Progesterone check this month, as it’d fall on this Friday, the office is closed, I’d have to go to a special lab, etc. So, I told my NP I’d like to enjoy the Holiday and not stress over a number. She seemed to think that was a great idea. I’ve got three cake gigs in a row starting this weekend so that’ll keep my mind busy with baking cakes in the oven, not buns. AHAHAHAHAAH – I’m hilarious. You’re welcome. Also, I’m coming to accept that I will probably not be able to lose weight while on Fertility drugs, but I can maintain. Tracking my weight daily for the last two weeks has really shown me how little control over it I currently have, as even when I’ve been perfectly on plan and exercising diligently, the scale is not budging. So, considering I’m taking a break from the drugs come January if we aren’t pregnant, I’ll accept maintaining and welcome a loss when it happens. I’ll still stay on plan and count points, I just won’t have lofty hopes.

Ermagherd – we are so cute.


One thought on “Operation Stop Stressing and Make a Baby

  1. you guys ARE so cute! I’m glad you were able to get away for what seems to have been an amazing vaca. I LOVE rooms with jacuzzis!!!! fantastic. I hope it turns out exactly how you two deserve.

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