Rise – Big Brother All Up In Your Diet

My brother sent me a link to a really interesting concept. Have y’all heard of this new app, Rise?

It’s pretty fascinating to me. Essentially, it’s a nutritionist in your phone.

You sign up and tell them what your objectives are and they match you up with a few people they think will be a good fit and you chose based on their background, coaching styles, etc. They then give you a plan and some suggestions to follow to help you meet your goal. You take a picture of what you’ve eaten and write a little description. “Your” Nutritionist reviews it and gives you feedback. There’s no tracking, counting, etc. It’s $48 a month.

My thoughts are that it’s a bit pricey at $15/week and I’m not sure how I’d feel about feeling constantly judged by someone viewing my intake. I honestly can’t see myself submitting a picture like this.


Wtf is the margarita?

I’d probably just be like, “NOPE. Didn’t have dinner. So sorry.” And then jesus, between Holidays, football, parties and events – my Nutritionist would surely think I had MAJOR problems if I were to submit these:


My description would be, “Three Super Size Cups of Bad Life Choices. No food.”

Honestly, for some people I could see this being a trigger that would encourage them to engage in sneaky eat in hiding. I know it’s counter intuitive, but so many people that struggling with dieting and weight loss have the mentality of “if you don’t see me eating it, it doesn’t count.” In fact, I know a certain someone that used to have the “if I eat it before the fridge door shuts, it doesn’t count.” I would undoubtedly pick and choose what I shared with my e-Nutritionist and then undoubtedly be angry with her if she questioned me. I can already tell she’s a bitch.

I have mixed emotions. If I didn’t have such issues with eating and had 10 or so vanity pounds to lose, I could probably handle it. Aside from this, it’s a little too big brother for me, currently. I’d feel judged and hate that bitch of a Nutritionist they’d assign me.

So, could you do it? Would you spend the money?

As for me, I think I’ll stick to my Intuitive Eating.

5 thoughts on “Rise – Big Brother All Up In Your Diet

  1. I’m with you on that one. Paying money for somebody to judge my eating. A few years ago I lost 20 pounds by logging my food but most importantly by reflecting on whether I was really hungry when I was eating or why I had made a bad food choice. Why did I need comfort, why did I turn to food etc. I wrote it all down and slowly but surely learned to deal with food much better. Didn’t costme a cent. I actually should try this again seeing that I slipped up last year. It does work and has a much better long term effect. You get to judge yourself, but you can also learn about yourself and you learn to be kind to yourself. Writing helps especially after eating something and not feeling full. It bridges the gap between the eating and the time your stomach realizes you are actually full. 🙂

  2. Yup – I’d stick to intuitive eating. If I used that app I’d probably be one of those people you mentioned, the sneaky eater. As if it didn’t count. haha

  3. I think you’d do well to stick to what works for you. I, personally, wouldn’t opt for this app either. I don’t think I could commit to sending in my every meal and I don’t think I would want to be judged on everything that I eat, like you said.
    Just keep doing what you do!

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