Waste vs. Waist

fitbitKevin got me the Fitbit Force Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband for Christmas and I’m in love. Serious love. A down right scandalous love affair. But Danielle, how are you following your own gut and doing Intuitive Eating with Big Brother on your wrist, tracking your every move? Well, I’m not tracking my food with it. I know! I’m probably losing out on a huge component of it, but honestly – I haven’t felt this good mentally about food in a very, very long time. I won’t lie, I was initially really concerned that I’d be a nutjob about not tracking my points, calories, carbs, fat grams, sodium, etc. etc. – especially with this nifty little thing on my wrist, but somehow I am not. I can’t explain how good it feels. Honestly, this is quite pathetic, but I have much more free time now that I’m not 150% obsessed with food. I read two very specific phrases in the book that were my “AHA” moments.

1. If you don’t love it – don’t eat it. If you love it, savor it. I know, this sounds SO simple, but stop and honestly think about it. If you don’t LOVE it – don’t eat it. How often are you eating because it’s there or you think you should? Me? All the time. Before every meal and then half way through now I am asking myself if I love it. More often than not, I realize I’m eating out of habit or what the “dieting mentality” told me to do and not listening to my body. Example: the other day after dinner I wanted something sweet. I opened one of those Siggi’s Icelandic Yogurts. I bought one because I wanted to try it. I took one bite and thought, “Eh… it doesn’t taste nearly as good as I thought it would.” AND I THREW IT AWAY… which brings in phrase two.

2. If it’s not waste, it’s waist. Aside from me being a sucker for punny things, how poignant? I felt instantly sad when I read that and realized that all these years that I’ve been a member of the clean plate club – eating every morsel on my plate because it was part of my daily allotment; I had the points/calories; I worked out enough to have it; it was a cheat day, etc I’ve been ignoring my body’s cues and developed such a lousy relationship with food. I could have thrown food away when I felt satisfied but because I felt like I had earned it, I ate it.

Deprivation is an insanely powerful thing. I realized as I was reading Intuitive Eating that perhaps my insatiable appetite for dry carbs and Mexican while I was pregnant wasn’t as much as what would have been very early pregnancy cravings, but more like I hadn’t allowed myself to have it in SO long that when I realized I was pregnant it suddenly felt okay to have. Like I needed some justifiable excuse.

Since I stopped dieting and started reading I’ve had Mexican 4 times. Each time I’ve tried to apply those two “AHA moments.” The first time – I ate every single morsel on my plate and enough chips/cheese dip to kill someone. The second time a bit less. The third time I realized I could have Mexican anytime I wanted now and didn’t have to stuff myself past the point of comfort – so I didn’t. The last time – I ate maybe half of my meal, enjoyed every single bite, but stopped when I felt satisfied and comfortable. My last bite wasn’t as enjoyable as my first and I wasn’t as hungry. I listed to my body. I reminded myself I could have Mexican at my next meal if I wanted so there was no need to gorge myself. Knowing I can eat it whenever I want and not feel guilty is so empowering.

Am I scared? Hell yes. Am I nervous I might gain weight? Hell yes. Am I excited to finally feel like I have some control and power over my body? Hell yes. WTF are you using your Fitbit for then? My FITbit is for FITness. More on that later. ❤

Here’s to breakfast and eating whatever I love.

12 thoughts on “Waste vs. Waist

  1. I have the FitBit One while my husband has the same one you do. WE LOVE THEM! Also, the FitBits are not just about food and step control. One thing I love about them is that they are so diverse and usable in so many ways!

    I also agree 100% with the fact that once it doesn’t taste good. Stop Eating it. Listening to your body is so keep in maintaining and losing weight in my opinion.

    Also, please don’t be scared of gaining weight. You know how to take it off, and as long as don’t let it get out of control, a few pounds will be nothing to strap down on.

  2. I love, love, love my Fitbit Force. I had a Fitbit One before but love the Force even more. It really does help me with my motivation. I do track food on My Fitness Pal and export it to the Force and get a lot from doing that. (If I don’t lose weight and can see I didn’t have much of a calorie deficit then I know why). I’ve also analyzed my data from 2013 and realized that I actually burn about 200 calories less a day than the Fitbit says. I think that is because I have lost weight in the past and so my metabolism is probably lower than the metabolic rate calculators would predict. But, I mentally keep that in mind so it doesn’t bother me. On the other hand, DH uses a Flex and doesn’t export calories to it and is happy with that. So, either way works.

  3. I wish I could let it not bother me! lol! You’re lucky. I do know that typically on average I burn more than what anything ever tells me based on my HRM, but I’m trying to get away from that mentality and just focus on how good it feels to work out! It’s rather freeing.

  4. Yes! I have LOVED the sleep component. I have sleep issues and don’t sleep well to begin with. Seeing it actually documented is really eye opening.

    It’s funny, with the diet mentality I was eating because I could and I was “allowed” to eat it. Now, I’m trying my hardest to listen to my body and forget that mentality. It’s difficult, but nice to eat without guilt and it definitely makes my body feel better.

    That’s a good point – I know how to take it off… I didn’t think about it like that. I like that. 🙂

  5. I just LOVE this post! Congratulations on having the guts to eat this way! Our bodies know what’s best for them and you’re just listening to it and that’s exciting. I’d love to live this way more and more. Inspiration!

  6. I heart my FitBit One. FitBit is the best ever.
    I bought that book and plan to read it soon. Yesterday I finished reading a similar book by Josie Spinardi and am curious to learn if they are the same idea and what the differences are. This week I’m trying it out because it turns out I deprive myself more than I think. It’s a scary process to be allowed to eat the foods you really want! Today we went to Italian which I haven’t had in forever.

  7. I’ve found it freeing and scary all at the same time, but I’m loving it. What book did you read? Was it more based on mindful eating?

    I’m hooked on my FitBit Force for real. It’s fantastic.

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