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It’s Bullshit

It’s Bullshit

“If I can do it, you can do it, too!” I read this article a while ago and it got brought up again and I’ve just been stewing…. It’s just bullshit. I’m sorry.  Not the woman, not her mission, not her intention. Just this phrase infuriates me. I hate, with every ounce of my being, when people say … Continue reading

Moderation…or lack thereof.

Moderation…or lack thereof.

Moderation. I’m not a fan. I should be, but I’m not. One ounce of cheese? Why not 12? One triathlon? Why not 5? ALL. OR. NOTHING. I’ve been thinking a lot about this since a conversation I had last Thursday. Formulating my thoughts and figuring out how to word this post. I am a very … Continue reading

Enough of the sad crap…

Let me tell you about the hilarious trip to the vet though. Hilarious now, but I was a wreck when it happened. We have a little 6 year old black and white bellied cat named Oprah. She is the sweetest thing ever. In fact, she likes to cuddle so much and loves Kevin that she … Continue reading

A stress eating control freak….

I’m a type A personality.  When I email someone I expect a response within an hour if it’s in work hours. If I text someone don’t let me see the time stamp of when you read it and then the three little bubbles and then you never said anything.  I hate wishy washiness and I … Continue reading


And put on your “judgement free” hat before you continue reading this. Seriously, I just had the worst, pretentious, lunk moment. So, stop. I don’t want any of these judgy, pissed off faces reading – including your dog… (I also understand if you defriend me…I’m so sorry…) But seriously, none of this… I had just … Continue reading

Squat Challenge

Yesterday I started a squat challenge at approximately  7:30am and then went for a run at 3pm. I could already feel the squats in my thighs when I went for a run and suddenly, 2 miles in my entire right foot went numb and tingly. According to a Physical Therapist friend of mine and my … Continue reading

Oh Body…

I lost 4lbs this past week! FOUR! The differences? I cut out high sugar fruit and Bourbon…and kept with my training. Saturday I drank Bourbon but still got up Sunday morning and rode my 10 miles! (Horrah for sticking to training despite a belly full of bourbon and 3 hours of sleep. FML.) Regardless, the scale … Continue reading

Who Do You Think You Are?

To Whom It May Concern, My intent behind this letter is not to gain anything free or really gain anything at all except perhaps a peace of mind.  I have been a faithful member with LA Fitness for over three years now and have had very few, if any complaints. Last night I attended my … Continue reading


It’s exhausting, this weekly game I play. Mon-Fri perfectly on plan. I do SO good. Sat-Sun I fall apart. My eating is better, but I drink. I’m social, I love bourbon and my friends are drinkers, too. This weekend may have been a touch better because I kept my eating under control, but still – … Continue reading

Put The Fork Down

Oh Thanksgiving – what have you done to me? You’ve left me a bloated, hungover, over fed, and a full full mess. Kevin and I took the week off of work and had a “staycation” that involved copious drinking and eating. It was delightful. I cook. I cook well. I cook healthy well and I cook … Continue reading