Bourbon and Barbells

bourbonandbarbellsBourbon and barbells. It has a ring, right? I’ve started doing weights without drinking, too! I know, I know. It’s terrible. No, not that I stopped drinking while doing weights, but that I’d become a cardio queen. Looking back, it really would have helped my cycling times in the Triathlons. I do at some point plan on getting back into them. Afterall, I do have an Olympic Distance Tri on my bucket list.  I’m incorporating more full body weights (squats, lunges, etc.) for my lower body and found an arm routine to stick with. I’ve stuck with doing it every other day and it seems to going well.

workoutrecapTo the right is my sweaty selfie after my AM workout. Since Kevin’s been out of town on business all week I’ve been able to focus soley on me for the week. My eating has been on point. No more bourbon – my last was the day before he left and I was still falling apart.  I’ve missed the hell out of Kevin, but I think this was good for my mental health to give me a week or so with no distractions really get back into my groove. I’ve been going to bed at 9pm and getting up at 430am and working out daily. I’ve been aiming for at least 10k steps and keeping my points/calories/carbs in check. I’ve had energy and happiness. I’m actually speaking to people at work and being socialable! It’s a miracle. Gotta love those drugs. xoxo

ClothesI went shopping this week to pick out a few pieces I feel confident in and after spending probably 2 hours in the dressing room sending pictures for input to Alicia I left with even more confidence! I’m back to down to a 14/16 all around. Which is fantastic considering I got rid of all of my 18s and I’ve been SQUEEZING into my 14/16s for a minute. I felt so bad for the poor girl working there because I also made her give me input on everything I tried on. By the end she was bringing me things she thought I’d look cute in! I struggle with dressing my size 14 body when I still see a 26/28 in the mirror. This was definitely the boost I needed since the scale isn’t exactly cooperating. It’s not always the pounds that go folks, sometimes it’s the inches. Either way, I’ll take it.



Well, and since it’s Friday:



2 thoughts on “Bourbon and Barbells

  1. Yay new clothes! It’s gotta feel great to be out of the 18’s. Sometimes it’s fun when the attendants at clothing stores try to help find you things that would look good on you. It’s like having a personal shopper for free. 🙂

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