Pics Or It Didn’t Happen

If you’re a 90s kid, you know what I’m talking about with “pics or it didn’t happen.” Well, it did happen. 4 times in fact. AND, four days ago, I wrote a post about getting my training life together and how much better I feel when I do. Since then, I’ve ran 4 times. I prefer running before work – so at like 5am. Alright, pics or it didn’t happen:



Due to all the running and keeping my food life together – which meant I only lost my mind a little over the weekend I had a 4.2lb loss this week and treated myself to…


I’ve really started to get back into myself, and DAMN IT FEELS GOOD. Vain? No. Irrelevant. Getting my confidence and groove back? Hell yes. I’m starting a #FullBodyFriday movement on my instagram account where I will be taking Full Body shots every Friday no matter what! (Unless I forget, totally possible. Hawkward.) I’d love for you to join, too!

Kevin and I had a gun range date Sunday morning, and I rock the safety protection pretty damn well, if I do say so myself:


We went to the Dogwood Festival on Saturday and had a blast. When this picture below was being taken I was like, “Oh hai, zoom in – leave my hippos out.” I was told I was crazy for that and she proceeded to take pics at my from afar. The very first thing I went to do when I saw this pic was crop it. Then I stopped and realized that defeated the purpose of Full Body Friday, right? So, here goes!


And here I am with a couple of my best ladies:


And yes, I am wearing a Lion King shirt. You don’t know my life. Apparently I’m a 90s girl at heart still.

I’ve also discovered these and we have a very intimate relationship now:




Life feels good right now. I feel like I’m finally actually getting out of my funk and not just saying I am. So, I’m going to run with it.  (See what I did there? I made a running joke…bahaha). I’m going home to Vermont next week for Grammy’s memorial service. I’m looking forward to SWOGGing  in Vermont with my mom, eating ice cream at Friendly’s, and being with my family to celebrate the hell of a woman that my Gram sure was.

*Random side note: I was born and raised in GA, but lived in Vermont for a few years, spent many summers there, all my family is there, and my parents were born and raised there. Vermont feels like “home.”

4 thoughts on “Pics Or It Didn’t Happen

  1. Rock On Lady! Let those hips show… because if I’m being blunt… they aren’t that big. I’m sure they feel as wide as a house some days, but I can guarantee they aren’t. You have a WONDERFUL figure. Keep rocking it girly!

  2. Wooohoooo! So glad for you! You’re doing so well! I’m happy to read you are back on track and happy about it.
    Keep at it!!!!

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